Light Holiday Singing


Last December, I wrote in this column about the power of music—inspired by watching reactions to a man playing his guitar in an airport. As I wrote that column, I knew my Dad would completely understand it. He “got it” when it came to the power of music in our lives. There were many times when I would groan because he would decide to sing to someone (make that ANYone) he felt needed a song! As a teenager who wasn’t incredibly fond of getting out of bed in the morning, he delighted in coming into my room and flipping the light switch on and off while singing the old gospel song “Send the Light!”

And lights lead me to Christmas.

There’s nothing that reminds me to slow down and enjoy life more than when lights begin to twinkle on houses and businesses in town. It reminds me another year is coming to a close. It also reminds me the holiday season seems to arrive more quickly each year. This year, we will still enjoy the music, but Daddy won’t be joining us. He’s singing in heaven this year. We didn’t realize last Christmas would be our last round of carols with him. This year, he gets to spend Christmas with THE Light…the one about whom we sing.

As the holidays stretch before us, let us not be too busy to enjoy the lights…to enjoy the music…to enjoy our families…to enjoy giving and doing for others—even if that means you need to sing them a little song.

From our family to yours.

Merry Christmas, ~ Karen

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