Let’s Make 2019 a One-of-a-KIND Year!


Happy New Year!

2019? Unreal. It seems like just a year or so ago we were all concerned about Y2K and a new millennium. That has now been almost two decades ago! As my grandmother would say, “Well I declare! As I live and breathe, I can’t believe it’s almost 2019!” (I pause here to give you the side note that I was pretty sure it was spelled “Idy Claire” until I was in high school, but that’s probably fodder for another column.)

Two things have happened in the last week that have reminded me of one of the best things about life—kindness.

First, I received a bright red envelope in the mail that I assumed was a Christmas card. As I checked the return address, I noticed it said, “A Friend from Postcards.” On the back of the envelope was written, “Merry Christmas!” and “In God We Trust!” When I opened the envelope, I found not only a lovely, unsigned Christmas card, but a gift card. The sentiment on the card said, “For every kindness you’ve shown this year & every bit of happiness you’ve given others…” Wow. So to whomever sent me this card, please know you have my thanks, and also know the kindness you showed me was the best part of the gift!

The other thing was, about 10 minutes before writing this column, we received notice that a dear friend of our family, Harry Hallows, had passed away. I had gone to church with Bro. Harry since I was in junior high and loved him for more than 40 years. Bro. Harry was 102 in October; one of the things that always amazed Wes and I about him was his desire to help others and let you know you mattered to him. As many of us age, there’s an attitude of “I can’t do that anymore.” Harry focused on what he COULD do. I can’t tell you how many times I came home to a message left on our home phone that he was just “checking on us” and wanted to see how we were doing. He was in his late 90s at the time. Kindness. That’s what I’ll always remember about Bro. Harry. It’s the best gift and best legacy we can leave.

I recently saw a sign that said, “You can be anything you choose. Choose to be kind.” What a great motto for 2019. I hope we can all choose kindness..

Until next time ~ Karen


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