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Health Matters: Let’s Awaken to Stinkin’ Thinkin’ about Well-bein’


I want to propose some corrections about thinking that I believe are germane to the “nth” degree. It is clear that how we reason about problems largely determines how we organize solutions to solve them. So, I reiterate: the precise process of pondering is vital.

First, I agree that convenience is important in many parts of our lives, such as shopping for many personal and household items; but our body’s upkeep should be totally exempt from this mindset!! Our bodies are our most important possessions—BY FAR. Obtaining the most appropriate, best care for your body, regardless of convenience is CORRECT THINKING.

The best docs are often most inconvenient; they may not be located close. I spent time in some of the top medical centers (Mayo Clinic, Ochsner Clinic, and the Texas Medical Center) and observed many patients came from distant areas, including foreign countries. I rode in elevators with movie stars and knew when some nobility or ex-presidents were in the clinics.

If I need a procedure that isn’t minor, I go where docs are prominent. If I error—whether now or when I was in practice—I want my error to be on the overly cautious side. It is one of the best insurance policies one can have. Convenience and cost GET LOST.

Many medical treatment’s outcomes are greatly influenced by the rapidity with which treatment is begun. This is especially true in rapid onset conditions where the symptoms have not been present for days or weeks, but have just started. Also, it is true when the initial problem seems severe, such as harsh pain, weakness, paralysis, or confusion. WHAT???

Permanent damage can result from certain conditions in a short time, and almost all treatments are to amend the damaging cause, not to restore completely damaged tissues. So, stopping the damage sooner rather than later is essential. This is especially true in our really essential-for-life organs, such as the BRAIN and HEART. Sudden chest pain, especially in the front left area—that is likely heart pain. DON’T BE A DUMMY!

Correct diagnosis is essential to ensure proper treatment is begun, but with the many sophisticated accurate diagnostic tools available, that is less of a modern problem each passing year. Yet, if the treatment involves a major procedure, IT’S A DIFFERENT STORY.

Major procedures require multiple skillsets from multiple specialist physicians, and you want them to be superbly skilled. I once counted the number of separate steps in a quadruple bypass heart operation; there were 1,022 steps that must be done correctly and in the proper order.

Thus, the number of times a doctor performs a specific procedure counts a great deal. Different results are seen scientifically according to the frequency of a particular procedure a doctor does and that a given institution does. Go to the busiest place and the busiest doctor.


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