Larger Than Life


June. June’s arrival means it will be getting really hot soon. It means my daughter will turn another year older. June is that “magical” month that screams, “Summer is here! The year is almost half over; you’re going to blink, and it will be Christmas!” I do not know why it affects me this way, but it does…every year. I think it is just a very real reminder of how fast time passes.

I had several ideas to share with you here this month, but nothing really gelled—until I heard about Poncho Roberts. And that made me think of Bro. Gene Kendrick. Both of these men were unique and special. Both loved the communities they lived in. Both considered you family. Brother Gene, the pastor of Mims Baptist Church in Conroe, was loved by thousands. And so was Poncho, in his community of Huntsville. We lost them both last month, and heaven became a sweeter place.

As far as I know, these two men never met, but they shared a tremendous amount in common. If they had been friends, I wouldn’t be surprised. They loved…a lot. And in each community, you’ll hear…”There was only one Poncho.” “Only one Brother Gene.”

Every single community we serve is filled with people who are unique and interesting and wonderful in their own ways. This is one of the reasons we do what we do—to share—to laugh with—to enjoy and remember. It is good to do so. It is good to share these stories when we are together, and it is good for them to be written.

Some seem larger than life, and we wonder how life will go on when they are no longer around. Some are quiet servants, who just keep doing what they do and making a difference every day. Right now, you might think of someone you know that fits this description. Share that with us!

Until next time, I’ll say it for Poncho; it’s, “Togetherness, one more time, my family!”

Until next time ~ Karen

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