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Fun-Sky-Zone-BuildingDo you ever feel like letting go, taking a break from it all, and de-stressing? These days we need all the help we can get. Remedy—Sky Zone—the place is literally jumping! It is the “world’s first indoor trampoline park” and offers several modes of high-flying entertainment geared for family and good, clean, healthy fun. As stated on their website: “We are sky lovers, thrill seekers, and people who believe jumping is freedom.” This just might be the place for some stress relief.

Recently, Postcards Magazine made a trip to Sky Zone to find out what was happening. Just a hop, skip, and a jump, and you’re right there in the Spring/Woodlands area and ready to get airborne—which means you can enjoy one of the finest feelings of trampoline jumping you will ever experience. This is not your average trampoline, since Sky Zone “owns the patent” on the material made in each trampoline. Each trampoline is independent of the others, backed up with padded areas in between, and walled off with sturdy vinyl on all sides of each section. Another distinguishing feature is the safety netting underneath all areas, which also guards against possible injury. It is state of the art in its design for safety and, as a result, has helped to give the sport obvious rise to popularity.

In one area alone, there are over 40 trampolines that are suited for small children and sectioned off with padding in between each trampoline for those of older ages. (Size separation is enforced.) There has to be a hundred, if not more, trampolines available in the complex. We found out there are even several gymnasts who work out at this facility.

SkyZone-27Postcards met with one of the managers of Sky Zone, Curtis Dean, who gave us the grand tour of their facilities and more than once assured us they are not only focused on fun, but “safety is our number one priority.” For example, if someone buys a pass for two hours of jumping—they have to take a thirty minute break in between before they can resume their exercise. There are more than forty employees placed throughout the day and night who help maintain close observation of everyone on the trampolines.

Curtis pointed out the continued growth of Sky Zone and why business is on the upswing, “From the beginning, it’s been our customers who give us great ideas. They are the reason why Sky Zone keeps expanding locations. For example, we have birthday parties here because several of our guests wanted to have their birthday party here—so, we created the option for that. Plus, this location is one of the most advanced locations, because we’re the first one in Texas to have a basketball dunk format with three different lanes.”

Have you ever dreamed of dunking a basketball like an NBA player? You can dunk like a pro while you work on your dunk-swag at Sky Zone. We watched guys and girls taking their turns and getting their slam on, and some of these jumpers had between-the-legs and behind-the-back slamming going on. They also have a SkyJam Friday, which is 120 minutes of amazing fun for kids ages 13 and older only. It’s fun just to be a spectator and watch the energy boiling out of this place.  (There is also the Foam Zone, where you can experience the weightlessness of bouncing, flipping, and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.)

Fun-ultimate-DodgeballFor parents who don’t want to go jumping with their kids and would rather just keep an eye on everything (or watch one of several TVs),  there is the mezzanine section, which lets parents or friends just watch the different levels of fun unfolding right there below them. Sky Zone offers several packages to the public besides just coming in to jump free style. You can bring a birthday party group, or a group event such as schools, churches, corporate teams, or boy/girl scouts. There is also one for those who like the awesome sport of Ultimate Dodgeball. Imagine an old-time game of dodgeball you used to play in the school gym, only running and jumping while you play it. You have to see this to know what’s going on—it looks exhilarating, and it’s well regulated for safety. By the way, “you can only find Ultimate Dodgeball at Sky Zone, and pick-up games are held daily (when courts are available.)”

Another great point about the exercise of this sport is it is low-impact on a body’s bones and joints.  The equipment (the spring) absorbs about 80% of the shock from the rebound, which in turn, reduces the stress on bones and joints, like the knee and spine, and minimizes the chance of injury. Another positive note about this activity is jumping against gravity strengthens all body systems and is considered one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises. Cardiovascular activity increases heart rate and pulse rate—in other words, jumping works the heart muscle and strengthens major muscle groups that contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system.

There are obviously a lot of positives about the health attributes of this sport, but one needs to exercise caution if under a physician’s care or if recovering from recent injury. One good rule of thumb—common sense will tell you if your body is ready to go jumping or not.

When you get down to it, it’s hard to beat fun, and they definitely have it bouncing off the walls at Sky Zone. There are over 18,000 square feet in Sky Zone, and the management team there has done a great job of utilizing a building geared for a good time.

One of the Sky Zone mottos is “everyone is welcome—if you can walk, you can jump.” All jumpers must sign a waiver before they go jumping at Sky Zone, available onsite or online.  Walk-in customers are welcome during all hours of operation, but bear in mind that reservations are highly recommended for a confirmed number of jumpers at a time. Sky socks are required, only $2, and reusable. Jump times start every 15 minutes.

Postcards would also like to thank General Manager Keith Snyder for donating free jump passes for our readers. Keep an eye on the Postcards Magazine Facebook page for future contests and give-aways.


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