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“Read that riddle again. I think it means to open this drawer over here.”

“No, that’s not what it means. It’s describing a code that you probably punch in here and pull that…”

“Hey, guys! I’ve figured out the code and …. Oh, wow! Hurry! We’ve only got 10 minutes left!”

Dear Postcards reader,

Do you feel you have dropped into the middle of this article? Well, you ARE in the middle of something. You are in the middle of a room in Escape It Houston, and you need to, well……ESCAPE IT! That’s the whole point! You have only one hour, and the clock is ticking……….

Join the journey as we experience, through the written word, this exhilarating adventure known as Escape It Houston, located in Humble, Texas. Comments from participants include “amazing,” “well-designed,” “challenging,” “phenomenal,” and “super fun!” Escape It Houston is a high tech, fun, and interactive way to encourage teamwork, enhance cognitive thinking, and just have a blast with friends!

CEO Shannon Brinkley ensures that well-trained staff are on hand to monitor your team’s progress, to provide encouragement as needed, and to ensure that your team has an experience at Escape It Houston that is fun and successful. As he states, “Our goal is for participants to get their money’s worth of fun and to enjoy the full experience of the adventure.”

Four adventure scenarios, all multi-room experiences, are provided from which to choose.

These include “Quarantine,” “Rameses Revenge,” “Escape the Titanic,” and “Studio Wonderland,”

with the Titanic adventure being the most popular. Each adventure is an immersive experience, appealing to the senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell. Each theme room is exceptional in its décor, providing as accurate a representation of the true scenario as possible. For instance, the Titanic stateroom is gorgeously appointed with period wallpaper, furniture and accessories, a light switch appropriate to its era, as well as music, wind, the sound of splashing waves, the booming of the ship’s horn, and a remarkable porthole scene. These all combine to bring guests into the mood and magic of that time.

The original adventure at Escape It Houston is “Rameses Revenge,” which sports a 14’ tall Anubis, a beautiful column of hieroglyphics, the smell of sand, and ambient lighting to replicate an underground dig site in the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt.

As you enter the site, the entrance suddenly closes behind you and you have one hour to escape using clues provided through sophisticated Gen 2 technology and computer-generated imagery, which is used extensively throughout each adventure. Riddles, locks, lasers, phones, magnetic devices, music and other creative methods also provide clues to team members in each of the scenarios. The team approach is particularly important, as various problem-solving skills are necessary to work through the many steps involved in an escape.

For those readers who feel a little uncomfortable at the idea of being locked in a room, there is good news. This being the first industry of its kind in Harris County, meticulous thought went into establishing regulations to provide for the safety of all participants. One provision requires that an exit is available in each room for immediate use by any guest. Kellie Richard, Director of Operations, and the staff at Escape It Houston work hard to ensure that all aspects of the adventure are safe.

And, the entire facility is immaculately clean, although in “Quarantine,” you may have your doubts!

Enter “Quarantine,” a scenario representing a government biolab where a medical experiment has gone terribly bad. It’s a total disaster, but a fun one at that! Shannon has incorporated several of his Terrordome props for use in the Quarantine lab to create the proper mood for this adventure. They are quite effective! That’s all I’ll say on that topic! By the way, Terrordome is a haunted house adventure in Houston, also owned by Shannon, which is open each October.

We now arrive at “Studio Wonderland,” a scenario created entirely by Shannon and the staff. It’s the Disco Era, and Don Davolta (singer extraordinaire) has been kidnapped by the Mob with a $10,000 ransom on his life. You and your friends must enter and win the dance contest at the famous Studio Wonderland Disco to claim the prize of $10,000 to pay for his release and save the day! You have one hour to get the sabotaged disco going so you can dance your way to the rescue of the day! Once again, the avenues to completing this “escape” are very creative and multi-faceted, using music, lights, and other secret solutions! Get ready to disco your way to Don!

Escape It Houston is an entertainment venue popular for family fun, date nights, groups, and corporate team building. It is the only business of its kind in the Houston area with a conference room and flat screen TVs, offering the ability for managers to observe problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities as their employees work together to make their escape. Several local corporations book the venue on a regular basis.

The facility is also available for parties of all types including birthday, engagement, and retirement parties. Upon request, the staff will customize the adventure scenario to correlate with the party theme. Personalized messages can be incorporated into the clues, and a special object, such as an engagement ring or birthday gift, can be hidden and found at the end of the game. The goal: a fun and personable experience for all!

Public and private bookings are offered and, although walk-in groups are accepted, reservations are encouraged to ensure availability. Beverages and catering options are available, and groups can bring their own food and drinks for a minimal fee. Though not provided, adult beverages are permitted, but are restricted to the conference room area. For information on hours of operation and other details, go to www.escapeithouston.com.

We have made the journey through Escape It Houston by written word, but mere words cannot do it justice. You must experience it! Listen to those who have:

“I have done one other room at a different location, and this one was SO much better! We did the Titanic room, and it was delightful. The puzzles were varied, and the facilities were beautiful and extremely well done. The staff was friendly and helpful. The decorations were realistic and beautiful. I would definitely recommend this place!”

“Quarantine Escape was totally exciting! We had 7 heads, and it took all of us to figure out the clues, but WE WON! The atmosphere was creepy and, with the sounds, it all made the experience feel real. Had my son’s 13th birthday here, even though for just one hour, he and his friends had a blast! Thank you Escape It Houston for the experience! (Quarantine was awesome!!)”

“We had a blast in Rameses Revenge. The room was very well put together, and the puzzles were fairly difficult. I am an owner of an escape room in the Houston area, and I bow down to the extent of detail and use of Gen 2 devices. Kudos to Shannon and his staff. If you are in the Humble area, be sure to visit Escape It Houston.”

Enough said! Let the fun begin….at Escape It Houston! The clock is ticking…

11501 Sam Houston Ste. B
Humble, TX 77396


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