Just for Fun: ‘Cue It Up!


My tip is to tenderize with salt. Cover meat with kosher salt and let sit for one hour per inch of thickness. Rinse and dry meat, then season as normal. The salt will tenderize even the cheapest cut of meat. Amazing trick.

Dennis Newell

Have everything you’ll need on a convenient rolling cart. When everything is prepared, just roll it to your dining area. Eliminate the million trips back and forth.

Nancy Gray

Finding it on the side of the road makes for free meat, but that doesn’t make it safe to eat!

Tonie Sikes

Just good old oak or charcoal…salt & pepper, then 7 minutes per side on a good steak

Joseph Peterson

My favorite grilling item is corn on the cob. I pull down the green leaves without tearing them off and put the ears directly on the grill fire for a few minutes (long enough to get good grill marks). Then I take them off, coat them in butter and sprinkle sea salt and pepper, pull the leaves back up over them and put them back on the grill until everyone’s ready to eat. Delicious!

Donna Dawson

I have my husband grill. Best trick I can think of!

Roni Hovey

Don’t try to rush it when using a marinade! Marinate for 48 hours to get maximum flavor.

Kelvin Riddler

An old-timer once told me, “When cooking on a large pit, don’t put your wood directly in the pit. Instead, have a fire on the ground and shovel coals into the pit. This keeps the temperature regulated and provides the best results.”

Carey Price

When cooking with charcoal, starting it with a charcoal chimney is definitely the way to go.

Jacob Chandler

Don’t put your food on grill immediately after putting lighter fluid on charcoal briquettes. Let fluid burn off and coals turn red, then start cooking. Keeps your food from tasting like lighter fluid. I’ve had problems with generic fluid…go with brand-name.

Let steaks rest 5 minutes after removing from grill before serving. Allowing the meat to stand before serving allows the juices, which have been driven to the center of the meat, to redistribute throughout the meat and be reabsorbed. As a result the meat will lose less juice when you cut it and be far more tender and juicy to eat.

Kevin Carson

I cook pork shoulder frequently. You can tell it’s done when you can wiggle the bone. I also use a sauce that is a mixture of honey and BBQ sauce (slightly microwaved to allow for good application). I apply this to meat and finish in the oven for 30 minutes.

Nick Godkin

Wood DOES make a difference! Use POST OAK for best flavor.

Larry Miller

Check out the Grillbot…it’s like a Roomba for your grill!!

Joe Hyde

I am a connoisseur of ribs. I love to cook baby backs. I definitely recommend the Holland Grill as the best I’ve used. Place meat- side up. Cook a while, add sauce, cook a while longer. Easy, and minimal effort. Remember, if you’re looking, you’re not cooking!

Robin Robinson

Give it plenty of time…low and slow…you can’t rush the smoking process to get great barbecue!

Matt Springfield

Rub the meat…you can marinate all you want, but until you get in there with your hands, you won’t get full flavor.

Acidity is your friend when it comes to the prep work, whether it’s mustard, citrus, etc. You’ll get more flavor from your rub, and from the wood or charcoal.

Never use lighter fluid. It ruins the taste of the meat.



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