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It’s here! This morning I walked outside and realized that the day had finally arrived. It’s a day I look forward to all year long. The day when I walk outside and immediately turn back to head inside and get a jacket!

I Love That Day!

To me, it’s the day that really signals summer’s end. Not the day that tricks you…you know the one I mean—the one where you walk outside, and it’s cool and feels great, but you soon realize it will be 84 degrees by lunch. No, THIS is the day that won’t quite make it to 70 degrees—the day that you’ll appreciate having a jacket or sweater on ALL day. The day when you’ll hear people talking about how cold it is! Of course, this kind of talk is laughable to our northern state neighbors…kind of like how we laugh when they talk about how blazing hot summer is when it hits 85!

There are numerous reasons I love this day so much. It usually occurs sometime in November, as it did this year. This day is the green light that allows me to drag out jackets and clothes that don’t see much wear in our Texas heat. It also reminds me of days I spent working in other parts of our beautiful country where the four seasons are very distinct—days gone by that bring me memories of faraway friends and experiences I will treasure for a lifetime. It also makes me anxious to drag out the Christmas decorations! I love Christmas, and I love decorating for it; but, in the heat of an Indian summer that has dragged on and on, the thought of going into a hot attic for holiday décor doesn’t really put me in the proper spirit required for such festivities!

And even though I know it sounds incredibly “hokey”, this is the day that makes me giddy because it reminds me that family will be gathered together soon.

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Really Soon!

This year, it makes me a little giddier than usual, because it’s the first year that I’m waiting on a child to come HOME from college for the holidays. “I’ll be home for Christmas” has a sweeter meaning than ever before!

So, if you see me grinning a little more than usual, you’ll know why. The day arrived. The one that holds all the promise of family and friends. The one that reminds me of sweet memories, and the one that heralds that Christmas Day and a New Year are coming. This is the time to cherish those closest to us. It’s the time to share a smile with those around us. The time to be thankful for what we have and certainly a time to be thankful for the greatest gift mankind ever received – a child born in Bethlehem.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We are excited to spend our first Christmas with you! Please take a moment to call or visit and thank our wonderful advertisers as well. They make this publication possible, and they would appreciate your business so we can ALL have a Merry Christmas!

Until next time,
God’s blessings to you and your family!
~ Karen


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