I’m Just a Busy – Body


I’m Just a Busy – Body
“Busy, busy, busy!”

My first memory of that phrase was from one of my all-time favorite childhood shows, Frosty the Snowman. I can still see and hear the evil little magician Professor Hinkle saying, “Busy, busy, busy!” in his high-pitched, nasal voice as he ran off to get busy writing that he was sorry “one hundred zillion times” so Santa would pay him a visit. I loved that movie so much because the little girl who helped Frosty was named Karen.  (Apparently she is now old and asks to speak to the manager a lot, but that is for another column!)

This last month seems to have been nothing but busy, busy, busy…even down to the moment a few days ago when someone asked me how to spell busyness!  Our magazine designer is acting a little bit like Santa and telling me I will not get to look at pages unless I get this column to her so, like Professor Hinkle, I had to get busy, busy, busy writing since we are supposed to go to press tomorrow!

A friend I spoke to earlier in the day said something to the effect of “you better slow down, because life is too short to be so busy.”  I know there is truth in that…I really do…(seriously Mom, I do), but when I look at the things my “busyness” includes, it’s really all about people I love and those I love doing life with.  Now granted, the parts of the past few weeks that have included ER and doctor visits because hubby fell at work and broke his elbow are not on my favorites list. Neither is watching your child recover from a painful major surgery, but what a blessing to get to be with family when you’re needed. What a blessing to have so much work to do when you return because there are many looking for work. What a blessing to live in a community where you can volunteer for non-profit groups who serve others. What a blessing to have a church family you can rely on and who loves you!  I am not superwoman. I do get tired, and one of these days, I may write to you while visiting a friend in Alaska or South Carolina. What a blessing to have those friends!  What a blessing this busy, busy, busy life is.

Yes, I know life can be hard. Sometimes the busyness thrust upon us would never be of our choosing – like the medical issues I mentioned previously–but even moments like those can bring a blessing if you look for it. As busy as life can be, I will take that busyness any day over the boredom of sitting in a chair watching the “boob tube,” as my grandparents called the television. Those days may someday come…but until they do, you’ll likely find me busy, busy, busy…if you can find me at all!

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