Happy Fall


I have already decorated our house with all things fall…earlier than I ever have before. I think it’s an attempt to WILL cooler weather to arrive. I am hopeful that, by the time you receive this in the mail (approximately a week from my writing), we will be enjoying those longed-for temps. That’s what the weatherman says, and I’m holding him to it!

The October issue marks the start of my favorite season of the year—the time when life seems to slow down, but you’re reminded how fast it has gone, and you can’t believe it’s almost the end of another year. Celebrations begin this month as we watch children in their cutest costumes head out for trick-or-treating.

Aside from going to see our grandparents, when I look back on my trick-or-treating memories, a particular memory that stands out is the visit we made each year to an elderly lady in our church. Her name was Mrs. DeeBelle Clapp, and she had a long, covered front porch. I remember us running up to her door knowing what awaited us—homemade popcorn balls! I’m not sure how Mrs. DeeBelle made them, but I’ve never had one to rival hers. Over the years, I’ve thought about trying to make them, but I never have. I’ve just always figured there’s no way I could make them as well; however, as I grow older, I think I might give it a whirl and invite the kids from church to come by for a treat! Parents, if we go to church together and you’re reading this, give me a year to practice! (This year, they’ll get something I can buy.)

Let’s face it. The popcorn balls may not have been that special, but I remember the way Mrs. DeeBelle made me feel…and that, along with her popcorn balls, have been with me for decades. I hope some day when I’m long gone, there will be some 50-year-old thinking fondly about how I made them feel.

Thanks to all of you who make us feel special every day about what we do here, and thank you to our advertisers. Please take a moment and tell them, too.

Until next time, ~ Karen


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