Got Winsomeness?



Your speech should always be winsome,
seasoned with salt, so that you will know
how you must answer each person.
~Colossians 4:6

Hand-Sanitizer-ManRecently, while standing at a business counter, I noticed a man near me ON the counter.  Well, not really a man, but a hand-sanitizer dispenser shaped like a man’s frame, holding the bottle that represented his head and torso.  I am not inclined to use sanitizer, being loyal for decades to my mother’s soap-and-water washing instructions.  This time, however, I reached for the stuff.  Why?  Because I liked the way it was presented to me.  I found Sanitizer Man humorous, winsome, and an expression of creativity.  In a world full of hurt, he was kind of healing.  And I’m not talking only about killing germs.

That got me to thinking about my witness.  Do I come across to those who appear resistant to God as a humorous, winsome, creative, hurt-healing Christian?  I know we are often called to be sober, vigilant, instructive.  Given the times, these characteristics seem all the more important.  But, as I considered my new friend, I realized in Sanitizer Man humor and serious purpose co-existed.  They can do the same in me.

“Pathetic indeed is the stern, somber Christian who has developed the look of an old basset hound through long hours of practice in restraining humor and squelching laughs.”  ~Chuck Swindoll


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