Equipped to Advance


2015 08Aug MustardSeed FeatureA luxuriant squash vine has “volunteered” in our yard this summer, right by the patio. Neither my husband nor I deliberately planted it there. It sprang from a seed contained in squash pulp I used to compost bushes in that area. I’ve taken to drinking coffee every morning on the patio and leisurely appreciating the vine’s gorgeous yellow blossoms, along with the bees and butterflies they attract.

The squash plant is a wonder. What appears to be a patch of vines growing side by side is in reality one parent stem sending out many runners. If I were to sever that stem, the whole plant would very quickly die. Attached though they are, the offshoots spread far and wide, and when they hit any towering obstacle, such as our cinder-block garden wall, they cling to it with tendrils that allow them to move straight up and over, and thus advance.

We are branches in Jesus the Vine. God loves us more than many squash plants. Will He not provide us with whatever we need to advance His kingdom? Lord, please help me to increasingly move out on the assurance of Philippians 4:19…

“my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

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