Deal or No Deal?


Over the last few weeks, our family experienced some of those “life things” that just happen…illness, hospitals, surgeries.  This time it was our parents, Wes’ dad and my mom.  Wes’ dad was hospitalized with pneumonia, and my mom was in the hospital for thyroid removal.  And yes (of course), all about the same time!  Don’t you just love how life can force you to slow down and realize what is really important?  No matter how many times you played the game of LIFE when you were growing up, it just didn’t prepare you for the multitude of things that can, and usually will, all happen at once.

As I sat down to write this column, our daughter Abby called me and asked if I had a minute to talk.  She was feeling overwhelmed at everything that was happening in her world, and it was all “right now”…vehicle problems, back problems, school projects due, tests…we can all relate can’t we?  Whether work or home or family – life just happens.  And when it does, we deal with it.

Dealing with it means something different for every circumstance, but we have a choice—deal with it, or stick our head under the pillow (which really isn’t a choice at all).  Dealing with it may mean just “being there” for a sick family member.  It may mean cooking or taking meals. It may mean listening and encouraging someone on the phone.  Whatever it is, as Nike would say, just do it.  You know what will happen? You’ll find out what’s important.  You’ll find out you are stronger than you think and can accomplish more than you thought.  You’ll also find out you aren’t quite as stressed next time, because you know you can deal with it.  Someone has done it before!

Here’s to a wonderful month and hoping you are ready for the challenge…of life.  Deal with it – you can do it!

Until next time ~ Karen

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