Daisy if you do…


I love Gerber daisies. They are my absolute favorite. I really knew nothing of this flower until I noticed the beautiful pots of them grown every year by my sweet mother-in-law Ann. I also had no idea how many colors there were—red, orange, yellow, white, pink, purple and variations in between (like apricot or peach).

Recently, I had lunch with my sweet friend Mary Partida. Mary is one of those people I describe as a giver. She gives of her time, her resources, her hugs, her talents and her heart. This particular day was one where I was feeling a little “blue,” and I’d mentioned it to Mary as well as my husband earlier that day. It was just one of those tough days you go through after you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one.

I was working at my desk that afternoon when I received a phone call from the florist asking if I was available for a delivery. Just the thought of flowers arriving immediately lifted my spirits. I spent the next half-hour wondering who had sent them, just sure my sweet husband had seen the need in me for a pick-me-up. When the flowers arrived, I was absolutely sure it was him, because they were (you guessed it) my favorite—two Gerber daisies, one a vibrant red and the other sunshine yellow. I opened the card to see what sweet thing he had said, only to read, “Just thought you needed a little pick-me-up! Love, Mary.” I absolutely had needed that. In fact, I was kind of amazed at what that seemingly small gesture had done for my spirits, and I immediately let her know how much!

All afternoon and for days since, I have enjoyed those bright, cheery flowers. They are on my desk now. Most of us who have grown up in Texas (where there are snakes) are taught from an early age how to tell the difference between the poisonous coral snake and the harmless king snake. We learn the rhyme, “Red and yellow will kill a fellow. Red and black is a friend of Jack.” I tell you that to admit this—I was so disappointed Wes hadn’t sent those flowers, all afternoon when I looked at those pretty daisies, I’d think, “Red and yellow will kill a fellow…”

And for the record, Wes told me he thought you’d get a kick out of me sharing that.

Until next time, ~ Karen

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