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I’m not sure I am capable of expressing my love for this community. And I really do mean the broad scope of community that this magazine serves—not just one town or another—all of it. In this community covered by Postcards Magazine, there are folks who have seen me grow up—literally. There are people who have encouraged and been a part of my career. There are friends who were around more than twenty years ago, attended our wedding, and have seen our children grow. There are those who have been a part of our lives for many years, and those who are new friends…but they all have this in common—they are part of this web we call community. Isn’t it fascinating how many of you can say the same thing?

This issue marks the largest Postcards has ever published. Again, this community forces me to use the word, “Wow!” There are some new things here you’ve never seen before. We hope you enjoy them! One is a feature we hope to continue, called “Touching Tomorrow.” Please check that out, and then tell us about the people you know who come to mind. If you like puzzles, you’ll be excited to enjoy a couple of new pages we have added! In our Postcards community, we are also looking forward to a great number of events like county fairs, rodeos, festivals and sporting events. Check out our calendar of events to make sure you don’t miss any of these great offerings!

We have been getting some great responses from our advertisers letting us know that you appreciate their part in our community. Please continue to do that. Remember, they are the reason you receive Postcards at no charge. Please thank them by doing business with them!
Warmer weather will soon be the norm, and the laughter of children will be heard outside more frequently. Community. Whether very small or very large, it is a special word to me—a word that reminds me of my blessings. A word that reminds me of you.

Until next time ~ Karen

P.S. – If you have an experience to share that you discovered by reading Postcards, we would love to hear about it!
Email me at [email protected]

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