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Community. It’s what we do.


HCC Trade Expo Image 030A few years ago, one of our children came home and told us there was no such thing as luck. One of the teachers at Alpha Omega Academy had shared with them the idea of “blessings” and luck. I thought about that a lot and, in the years since, have become better in distinguishing between the two terms. I understand the “luck of the draw,” and I also understand the blessings that can be appreciated when viewed in a thankful context.

My staff and I were reminded of this recently when we attended Trade Expo, hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce. Repeatedly during the event, readers and advertisers came to our booth to share how much our magazine is enjoyed, how well it works for business marketing, and how many people look forward to getting it every month. Pictured here is Ken Johnson with Postcards writer Ruth Fields. Ken shared one of my favorite stories of the evening. While recently in the bank drive-thru, the lady in the neighboring vehicle lowered her car window and asked him, “Aren’t you the runner I saw the story about in Postcards? Have you run your 100th marathon yet?” That may be one of our proudest moments. If that’s not helping create community – what is?

This issue marks the beginning of our fourth year of publication. It seems like we started down this road just a few months ago. There are days (like deadline day yesterday) when we fall into bed and think, “Wow! What ARE we doing?” But then, in today’s mail, we get a letter like so many others, reminding us that what is going on here is important. It’s important to individuals and businesses and our community.

Three years ago, we set out to make a difference. We wanted to be a positive force in the community. We wanted to join our community together. We wanted to honor God in all we do. We wanted to bless our community the way it has blessed us.

Three years later, we have grown from a quarterly publication starting with a plan to print 10,000 copies per issue to a monthly magazine printing 25,000 copies per issue. Two years ago, folks in the Willis and Conroe areas asked for Postcards and, as a result, we now publish a Postcards Magazine for northern Montgomery County, which goes to Willis, Conroe, and Montgomery. Our goals there? The same as here.

We have been told a lot of things about these magazines, but we’ve never been told we are lucky. I promise you, though…we are certainly blessed!

Until next time ~ Karen

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