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Community Builders: Stronger Marriage Workshop


For many of us, marriage can tend to bring out our selfishness. We want our way. We insist on our rights. We want our spouse to make us happy. God’s goal for marriage, however, was not just to “make us happy.” The truest picture of marriage is that it symbolizes the love of Christ for us and His desire that we be made more into His image.

Great marriages don’t just happen. They take effort. Says Trey and Lea Morgan of StrongerMarriage Workshops, “If you will work on your marriage every single day, and not just in the bad times, there will be less bad times.”

1. YOU HAVING FUN TOGETHER: Your kids need to see that marriage is more than just having a roommate and doing life together. They need to see you having fun together and wanting to spend time together.

2. YOU DATING: One of the best things you can do for your kids is let them see that your marriage is the most important relationship you have on this earth.

3. YOU BEING AFFECTIONATE: When kids see mom and dad hugging, holding hands, and kissing, they feel security and love at home.

4. YOU PRAISING ONE ANOTHER: Your kids need to hear you praising one another and being one another’s biggest cheerleader.

5. YOU WORKING THROUGH A PROBLEM: Problems are a part of life and your children will learn how to handle them by seeing how you work through them. Sweeping problems under the rug or losing control in an argument is not what they need to see.

6. YOU PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH: Children learn 1000 times more from what you do and the example you set, than they ever will from what you tell them. Model the values and integrity you want them to have.

7. YOU WORSHIPPING GOD TOGETHER: It’s important for your children to see you acton your faith. Going to church, reading your bible together and praying together are all great things to model to your children.

The Conference

Participants will receive a workbook full of material to help you strengthen your marriage and family. The workbook is full of outlines to follow along as the sessions are presented. The workshop is very unintimidating. Are you an introvert? You will not be called on to talk, put in a small group, or have attention drawn to you in any way. You will learn practical and simple ways to improve your marriage, shared in a fun and fast-paced atmosphere. This workshop is for everyone, whether your marriage is good, great, or struggling.

For more information contact:

Huntsville Church of Christ
3737 Hwy 30 West
Huntsville TX 77320


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