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Community Builders: Huntsville’s Small Business Development Center


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As goes the small business, so goes the country. According to several leading research reports, small business accounts for 99 percent of all business and half the private sector workforce in America. Today, we see a much more global and competitive economy. The plus side is that small business is needed more than ever, with its revitalizing affects beginning at the community level. The Sam Houston State University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) located in Huntsville, Texas serves as part of a network of other centers that serve more than 30 counties in East Texas.

Community-Robert“Maybe you’ve been looking around and see a way to improve on an existing idea or concept,” said Robert “Bob” Barragan, Certified Global Business Professional Director and Adjunct Faculty. “We are a non-profit organization designed to advise small business owners in various aspects of development, financing alternatives, helping to provide a roadmap to starting a successful business.” The SBDC helps to organize the efforts of potential entrepreneurs by helping them to focus on new business opportunities and subsequent decision to make the best of those opportunities.


First, the SBDC will help with a feasibility study. This helps to examine ideas from several viewpoints, analyzing possible risks and rewards of a given concept. This helps clients make more informed decisions about whether an idea or concept can grow into a profitable business.

Business Plan

After competing the feasibility study, the next goal is to have a plan. “I think a lot of people think a business plan has to be long. We try to help focus on the quality, not quantity,” Barragan said. The plan is designed to identify weakness and anticipate options, as well as provide a guide to the company’s future ideas and direction. It is stressed that as market conditions change, business plans must be flexible.

Workshops and Seminars

With topics that range from finance to taxes, the SBDC also provide training seminars and workshops designed to broaden business knowledge and improve skills in entrepreneurship.

Community-SummarySpecialty Programs

Within the SBDC’s network, a number have the opportunity to sell products and service to the federal, state, and or local government agencies. One can pursue international markets and receive free technical engineering assistance. Other discounted professional services through the SBDC’s network may also be obtained.

Business Library

Whether you are starting, operating, or growing your business in Huntsville and the surrounding areas, the on-site electronic library resources can help find the information needed to be successful. The business information services also include access to the SBDC Network’s business library in midtown Houston, a reference library offering online and print business tools and resources, as well as general reference and assistance in conducting industry and market research.

Community-Sammy-BearkatFacility Rental and Customized Training

Rent a state-of-the-art training and meeting facility for your next meeting or workshop. The main Huntsville location is conveniently and centrally located at 2405 Avenue I for your next computer or sales training meeting. They can also customize training programs and find instructors for many employee training initiatives.

“We take a great deal of pride in helping those with the drive and desire to become business owners,” continued Barragan. “We have had the opportunity to see a number of businesses come through our program and grow into strong businesses today.”

2405 Ave I
Huntsville, TX 77340
(936) 294-3737

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