Color Me Chartreuse


Chartreuse CrayonsRecently, my husband and I were listening to a radio host who was only allowing listeners to call in and talk about memories that made them happy—only good, positive things.  Memories from childhood were what most callers shared, and that brought to mind one of the things that always made me happy as a child—a new box of crayons.

Do you remember that feeling you got when you opened up a box (especially if your mom got them on sale and splurged on the “big” box!)?  There they were, a veritable rainbow at your disposal.  Colors you never even knew existed (like chartreuse) were right there—perfectly sharpened, never been used, in your hands to be used by you to create something beautiful and maybe even share with a very good friend (but only one who would be careful not to break them!).

The month of March always makes me think of a new box of crayons.  I am reminded of how many shades of green (like chartreuse) there are in the creation by which we are surrounded—and I’m always surprised by it.  March is the month that shakes off winter dreariness and allows us to peek at the colors of the wildflowers and the blues of the skies.

This month as you read through this issue, I challenge you to look at the ads and find an advertiser whose services you’ve yet to use or a restaurant or business you have yet to visit.  Then do it!  Visit them or call them.  It’s just like coloring with a crayon that’s never been used—and sharing it with a friend.

Have a wonderful month, and remember to share some of your “colorful” photos with us.  We love seeing them!

Until next time ~ Karen


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