Clipped by Rainey B.


Clipped by Rainey B.

While the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered some businesses in 2020, it was the perfect time for Rainey Beaumier to open her own hair salon, Clipped by Rainey B.

Tucked away in a private room within Pure Salon Studios at 3000 W. Davis in Conroe, Rainey was able to offer clients the ability to have their hair done in a quiet, beautiful, and sanitized space that didn’t expose them to other people who might be sick.

“It’s a good thing not to have to put yourself at risk just to get your hair done,” she said, adding that she respects people’s opinions on how to protect themselves. “My priority is people’s comfort. If they want to wear a mask and have me wear one, I am fine with that. If they prefer not to, then I am fine with that, too.”

Of course, comfort and privacy are both nice features, but the main reason Clipped by Rainey B. has flourished is Rainey’s masterful ways with hair and how she is able to achieve – and help clients maintain – the specific looks they desire.

“There are lots of stylists out there who will do what a person asks them to do, but then when the client gets home, they have no idea how to get their hair to look like it did coming out of the salon. Teaching a client how to maintain their hair – from products they may need to styling techniques – is just as important as meeting a new person as a client. You can’t see that person as just ‘in and out the door.’ It’s about building a relationship.”

When Rainey talks about client relationships, you can tell this is a passion for her, and she cites this as the number one reason she likes owning her own business. She tells the story of a customer who was setting an appointment with another salon and, when they told her who would be doing her hair the next week, she realized she wasn’t talking to that person on the phone. In fact, the stylist wasn’t even there that day for her to talk to before the appointment. She didn’t like that and called Rainey.

“I could see that she is one of those women who is cautious about where she goes and wants to know who she is talking to. That’s why she made that switch,” Rainey said.

Rainey’s services range from hairstyling for homecoming and prom to cuts and color, including highlights and full bleaching.

“My preference is doing cuts and color. Everyone is obsessed with my cuts. A lot of my customers have had horrible experiences (at other salons) and haven’t gotten their hair cut in years, and then when they get their hair cut (with me), they are comfortable and happy.”

She prides herself in the products she uses. “All of my colors are organic, so they don’t have a bunch of chemicals that can be more harmful to your hair. The products are more natural and better for you. That’s one of the things I like about my color line, Matrix.”

Rainey says the secret to her success is communication with the client, which she explains is paramount to getting the right look.

“A lot of people these days are afraid to get their hair cut because they tell the stylist one thing, and then the stylist does whatever she wants rather than what the client wants. That’s why I will ask a lot of questions and doublecheck to make sure I know exactly what they want,” she said.

Before she does anything to a client’s hair, Rainey goes over everything, including how much they want off their length and what type of layering they want.

“All these choices affect your lifestyle. A lot of women don’t want their hair in their face, but if you have medium layers, you may have hair in your face because it pops out more, it’s edgier, and it adds more volume and texture. So those are things you have to keep under consideration when you’re getting your hair done.”

“I really listen to my clients to make sure they feel heard. I take my time to make sure they don’t feel like something is going to happen that they don’t want. It’s all about their comfort zone and not making them feel they have to take a gigantic step if they don’t want to. When they want to look for new styles or ideas, I tell them to bring me examples of styles that would feel new and fresh to them, but at the same time, not too much of a jump.”

Rainey explains that if someone changes their style too much, it can be jarring to their psyche. Nevertheless, if someone wants to go out of their comfort zone and is open to the experience of doing something completely different, she will do it for them.

“I have a client who had me cut 18 inches off her hair, going from a girl next door look with super long hair to a short pixie style that has her own edginess added to it. She loves it, but that’s her. Not everyone is ready to make that big of a leap.”

Rainey says some people want to have a little extra, something that will make them stand out, while others may not want to stand out.

“You can’t have a hairstyle that doesn’t match who you are. Otherwise, it will make you feel weird. You’ll feel out of your element. Most people want to feel comfortable in their own skin. Your hair is like a crown. You have to feel like that crown looks good.”

In addition to considering a customer’s personality, job and lifestyle, Rainey stated that being honest about how much upkeep and maintenance someone is willing to do on a daily basis is important.

“They may want a certain style but really low maintenance way of taking care of it, but I will tell them the truth – that they can have that look, but they will need to use certain products and style it every day,” she explained. “Everybody wishes they could just wake up that way, but that’s the thing. If you want that kind of look, you’re going to have to put in the work.”

Clipped by Rainey B. is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, with extended hours available by appointment. Appointments may be made by calling or texting (936) 931-4665 or by emailing [email protected]. For more information, visit

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