So it begins.
As I write this, my daughter is in the next room packing most of her worldly belongings, getting ready to load them into her vehicle. The reason is simple. Tomorrow she leaves for college. When did that happen? Yesterday, she was just a little girl who was running circles around the house and away from Mrs. Joyce, our babysitter. She knew she was in trouble, because she’d broken the glass in the front door banging on it with a plastic pitcher. She also knew she could outrun Mrs. Joyce! What she didn’t know is that Mrs. Joyce would call me, or that she would threaten to quit over that “bad young’un!” I know there are those of you reading this who will never believe it, but that’s about as bad as it ever got. Wes and I thank God for all the moments from birth until now. What a blessing.
But still, it begins.

Not necessarily a bad thing. Just an uncomfortable thing. Or is it? As I wrote that, I thought of the thousands of times I’ve walked in the door ready to “change” into something MORE comfortable–definitely a positive change in my mind. And so, that is what I will do as we begin this change. Think positively. We’ll enjoy more time spent with our son. I’m not sure HE will enjoy that change as much as we will! (Three years from now you’ll probably be reading a version of this column again.) We’ll enjoy his activities and events while we cherish every phone call, every visit, every Skype and Face Time from her. We’ll make the most of every moment. Her world is certainly about to change, and we will love seeing that through her eyes. We all want change WHEN we want it and HOW we want it. Sometimes it’s just hard to know WHAT we want.
Jobs change.
Relationships change.
Life IS change.
And that’s OK.

From the time I arrived on this earth, I’ve been in a constant state of change – trying to live a life that, hopefully, reflects my heavenly father. I will continue to change.
And so it begins.
Another day full of changes. Another day to make a difference. Let’s go!

Until next time ~ Karen
P.S. – Remember to thank an advertiser for bringing you Postcards Magazine. You didn’t think I’d changed that much, did you?

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