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2 Texas Treasure: Texas State Aquarium

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT NEAR downtown Corpus Christi, right down the street from the U.S.S. Lexington aircraft carrier, is a large hidden treasure. The Texas State aquarium is a MASSIVE underwater kingdom. Under their care are numerous species of sharks, sh, and several other aquatic species, as well as some not so aquatic.

Texas Treasures
1 Texas Treasures: Fort Concho

Before there was the city of San Angelo, there was Fort Concho. In fact, the city was initially called Santa Angela and sprang up across the Concho River in the shadow of the fort’s protection. During its 22-year existence…

Texas Treasures
0 Texas Treasures: Collin Street Bakery

Off 7th Avenue in Corsicana, Texas sits a large two-story brick building, with most of the front large windows stretching from ground to roof. In front of the building is a landscaped area with some benches for sitting and a large …

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