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Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: Prison City Film Festival

As a media producer and filmmaker for many years, Paul Shiver had always thought Huntsville, Texas, and more specifically downtown Huntsville, would be a perfect place for a film festival. He envisioned…

Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: Trekking to the Top of Texas

“This is in Texas!” That’s what I kept saying to myself as we made our way toward the summit. The fact that these gorgeous mountains—full of hiking and climbing opportunities—were in my home state only…

Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: The Woodlands Children’s Museum

Packed with interactive exhibits, sensory play, and a rotating schedule of events, The Woodlands Children’s Museum offers children and families the opportunity to imagine and discover together. My children are 2 and 6, and both had a…

Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: Kayaking Close to Home

It seems like kayaks are popping up everywhere: in magazine ads, TV commercials, fashion outlets and travel booking websites. Kayaks are no longer just associated with camping and sport utility vehicles, either. People have figured out that …

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