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1 Gotta Get Away? Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Texas, but it is also a study in contradictions. The lake is expansive, spanning 25,000-plus acres and crossing two states; the nearest town, however, is the appropriately named…

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0 Gotta Get Away? Destin-ation

If the often muddy waters of Galveston don’t light your fire, consider a trip to Destin, a panhandle city on Florida’s Emerald Coast—aptly named, because Destin is known for white sands and emerald waters. The unique sand comes from the Appalachian Mountains, and is…

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1 Gotta Get Away? Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Just a short distance from the lights, noise, and nightlife that is Las Vegas is a lesser known, but valued national treasure. Take time away from the Strip for a short drive and visit, and you will hit the “jackpot” in appreciating a different kind of life—nature at its best. Red Rock Canyon is located…

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0 Gotta Get Away? Eureka! Springs, That Is!

Few destinations are as aptly named as Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Even for the frequent traveler, it is a discovery—and it does, in fact, offer springs aplenty. The springs are still an attraction, but the discovery…

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0 Gotta Get Away? Texas Tulips

When Pieter and Petra Koeman inquired about buying land in Texas and making the move from Holland to start a tulip farm, their realtor thought it was a hoax at the beginning. But it was no joke, and the realtor’s skepticism faded with time as he…

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0 Gotta Get Away? Texas Hill Country

If you’ve ever been to the Texas Hill Country, you can visualize what makes this beautiful part of Texas so unique. When I think of my visits, all my senses recall this area in some way. I remember the smell of …

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