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Dr. Bonnie D. Cameron and Mark Soveral, ABOC, are co-owners of Cameron Optical, located at 15260 SH 105 #127 in Montgomery, Texas. A native of the south side of Chicago, Illinois, Cameron came to Texas and attended Cy-Fair, where she graduated high school. She went on to Baylor University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in 2002. Then, in 2005, she received her doctorate from Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University, in Philadelphia, where she graduated with honors. 


Dr. Cameron began her career with an ophthalmology group and stayed there for about 18 months. She then tried general ophthalmology, surgical retinopathy, and neuro-ophthalmology for about two years, before opening her own eye care center. She has been in practice for over 15 years and has been at the current location for the past 7 years. Her husband Mark is the office manager and is a licensed optician, with 22 years of experience in optometry. He has been instrumental in training many new optometry students to the profession, as well as teaching them all that goes into making glasses. In fact, they are always excited about opening their doors to future local doctors by offering local high school students the opportunity to volunteer for their internship program. 


The team, or “family” of professionals at Cameron Optical are: Dawn Benoit, Office Coordinator and Insurance Billing; Jamie Yow, C.P.O. & A.B.O.C, Doctor’s Assistant/Technician; Logan Vincent, Lab Technician; Andrea Tall, Front Desk Receptionist and Optometric Pre-Testing Assistant; Tyler Wernli, Benefits Coordinator/Administrative Specialist/Doctor’s Assistant; and 2 part-time team members. Together, this group of professionals makes sure each patient receives excellent care and walks away with a great experience.


Dr. Cameron offers general eye exams for patients of all ages. Currently, she sees patients ranging in age from just a few months to 102 years of age. She treats everything from medical red eye, loss of vision, dry eye, double vision, and much more! As a therapeutic optometrist, she encompasses everything from macular degeneration, glaucoma, neuro-retinopathy, vision therapy, as well as pediatric vision. Cameron Optical specializes in neuro-ophthalmological diseases and provides surgical referrals for all types of vision disorders. According to Dr. Cameron, common eye problems for people 35 and older are: aging eye, struggling with maintaining focus between far and near, glaucoma, cataracts, and the development of systemic diseases (such as high blood pressure and diabetes) that can also adversely affect vision. “We have a device called NOCT,” explained Dr. Cameron, “that maps the back of your eye. It creates a 3-D image that sees all of the layers of the eye, and it can help us detect any problems that are occurring in the eye.” 

The younger population, 34 and under, often have trouble with eye straining, eye teaming (a condition in which the eyes don’t work well together), eye discomfort, headaches, etc.  Often, these issues are a result of vision that is not mature enough to handle excessive reading required when they’re in school, looking at the boards from the back of the class, and straining their eyes for up to 8 hours during a day. 


Cameron Optical offers state of the art digital vision technology for vision disorders such as those already mentioned, as well as those resulting from diabetes, high blood pressure, tumors, Alzheimer’s, amblyopia, and retinal detachments. As far as Lasik vision correction, “we will do the pre-qualification consultations, and pre-treatments. The patient is then referred to a surgeon, and returns to the clinic for post-surgery follow-ups,” said Dr. Cameron. 


Although you can get Lasik surgery at 18, your eyes are still changing at this age–that is why it is recommended you wait until between the ages of 22 and 34, to maximize the benefits of having Lasik surgery. After the age of 40, your eyes begin to change again, and most patients are back into wearing glasses, even after having Lasik surgery.  

Not everyone is a good candidate for having Lasik surgery. Here are a few factors that help determine whether a patient is a good candidate: 1) the patient must have sufficient cornea that can be altered to correct the vision, 2) must not have dry eyes, and 3) must not have a job in which he/she can easily injure their eyes. Having one or all these conditions would affect the likelihood of being a good candidate. Dr. Cameron recommends seeking out a qualified surgeon with experience in performing the procedure. This will improve the possibility of having a successful and positive outcome. 


Lipiflow is a new treatment for dry eyes. It is designed to treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) or gland blockages, which is most often dysfunctional in about 85% of people with dry eye. It is a one-visit office treatment that gives about 90% effective long-term success results. Dr. Cameron said they have been doing it for about 4 years, and most patients say they don’t need any further treatments. The procedure involves a small device that sits on the eyes, which applies heat and gentle pressure to the eyelids. It stimulates the glands and cleans them out. Once properly cleaned, the glands can begin producing their natural oils (lipids) essential to maintaining moisture in the eyes. 


Dr. Cameron added that each individual is different, but ideally, it helps to catch the problem early on, to monitor and treat it as soon as possible. That’s why it’s important to have annual eye exams. At Cameron Optical, they are always taking new patients, and the team is always ready to assist in finding the contact lenses or glasses that are right for you. They offer a wide selection of popular name brand frames. One of the more popular for both men and women is Tom Ford. Tiffany & Company, Vera Bradley, and Coach are also among the most prevalent. Other brands include: Oakley, Costa, Guess, Gucci, MK, and many, many more! 


To find out more about their products, team of professionals and the services they provide, or to find out if your insurance is “in network,” visit cameronoptical.com. Dr. Cameron can also be reached at 936. 448.1200, or via text at 936.274.1924, Monday – Friday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.  


When she is not at work, Dr. Cameron enjoys spending time at home in Montgomery with her husband Mark and five children (three girls and two boys). She also enjoys walking, hiking, traveling, and reading. A Fun Fact: Dr. Cameron owns an extensive shoe collection, close to 400 pairs. She says she will never get caught wearing the same pair of shoes!  


“We are always finding ways to give back to our community,” said Dr. Cameron, adding that she and her husband proudly sponsor and support local children, teachers, and schools. Furthermore, she believes giving back to the community is what makes a stronger, and more successful community.  


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