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When Denise Hayes walked into the Nutrisystem® Center in League City, Texas 14 years ago, little did she know she would be beginning a new journey in her life.  In a healthy amount of time, Denise dropped 120 pounds and was forever changed.  Along with her husband Weldon Beasley, Denise has been able to maintain her weight loss, and Nutrisystem® has become part of her everyday life with her family’s business—Weightloss Texas, Inc.

Nutrisystem® is a weight loss program that provides the proper amount of nutrition based on the glycemic index.  It regulates portions while helping you lose 1½–2 lbs per week by just following the meal plan.  Always check with your doctor about activity and exercise if you are to partake in the Nutrisystem® program.

What sets Nutrisystem® apart from other diets is it provides a reasonable lifestyle.  It shows you do not have to give up the foods you love to lose weight.  Most of Weightloss Texas, Inc. clients want to lose 40-50 lbs.  With a new year just beginning, the staff has some advice for those who want to make a resolution:  living healthy is not a one-time decision; it is a lifestyle you have to create for yourself for the rest of your life.

Although losing weight can be simple and easy, maintaining the weight can be the hardest step.  At Weightloss Texas, Inc., the staff helps encourage their clients to maintain their healthy lifestyle.  Once clients reach their goal weight, the staff recommends you start incorporating normal food along with Nutrisystem® food to help with appropriate amounts of nutrition.  In the near future, Weightloss Texas, Inc. plans on creating their own line of food to help clients crossover into a permanent, healthy lifestyle.

Not just a storefront

When you walk into Weightloss Texas, Inc., you will be greeted by a genuine staff who truly care about your health.  There are only eight Nutrisystem® Centers in the United States, with only two in the state of Texas, and the Beasley family owns and operates both.  With only two stores in Texas, Weightloss Texas, Inc. clients travel from all over the state to get to the store.  The business allows customers to come into a store and not only handpick their meal plans, but weigh themselves, get consultations from the well-trained staff, and much more.

With Weightloss Texas, Inc. being a physical store, clients can come in whenever they want for accountability.  You do not have to be purchasing your meals to come weigh in.  Hayes recommends that you find what is best for you with weighing in, and each person is different.  Some clients like to weigh in daily, while others chose to do so weekly or monthly.

Because all their food is on the shelf, you can customize your meals.  You can also buy items separately.  Weightloss Texas, Inc. does not have a fee to join or monthly dues.  This allows clients to have the freedom and flexibility to take their health into their own hands.

If you are unsure how to plan your meals or enjoy having your meals picked for you, the staff will take care of you.  This allows your weight loss journey to be less stressful.

Hayes says they will now be providing deliveries in the surrounding area.  This allows clients who cannot reach the store, because of health or inconvenience, to take part in what Weightloss Texas, Inc. has to offer.  If you are curious whether you fall in the delivery area, just call the friendly staff, and they will be able to assist you.

A Variety of Products

Weightloss Texas, Inc. offers many nutritional products.  Their two stores are the only Nutrisystem® Centers which have frozen products offered to their clients.  Many people assume diets are just for women, but this food is appealing to men as well.  Some of the staff’s favorite entrées are stuffed broccoli chicken, turkey and dressing, lasagna, and all varieties of pizza.

Among the newest products are the Crave Crusher shakes.  All you need is water to make this delicious Nutrisystem® treat for a snack on the go or a meal replacement.  Another popular product is Quest Bars.  Quest Bars are a protein packed snack bar that tastes good and is good for you.

With a variety of products, Weightloss Texas, Inc. is able to offer many alternatives for those with allergies, diabetes or dislikes.  The staff always hears from their clients that they love it, and it works!

More than a weight loss program

Clients range from 14 – 90 years old (all clients must be 14 or older).  The three main reasons people come to Weightloss Texas, Inc are for weight control, medical reasons, or convenience.

Weightloss Texas, Inc is more than a weight loss program; many clients have been referred by their doctor to try the Nutrisystem® program.  Whether the client is struggling from high cholesterol or diabetes, Hayes says they can cater to the individual needs of their clients.

The business also has clients who enjoy Nutrisystem® out of convenience.  With the program being $10-12 a day, it makes for a very economical choice for meals, as well.

Some words of advice

Three steps Weightloss Texas, Inc. has to encourage their clients are:

(1) set a realistic goal

(2) start

(3) follow through.

Once clients have made the choice to begin the program, one of the hardest parts is walking through the door.  The Nutrisystem® program can have an emotional impact on clients.  Some are disappointed in their weight gain and have trouble admitting they need help.  Conversely, there is joy and excitement when clients achieve their weight goal.  The staff are there to share and support the client through the entire journey.

One piece of advice Hayes gives her clients is, “Do what works best for you and what you know is going to create a healthy lifestyle – you won’t feel deprived.”


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