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Left to Right: Maria Castellon, Audrey Deimel, Ruthie Johnson, Paula Bear, Robert Logston, Toi Williamson, Will Mejia, Nancy Harbin, Claudia Alvarez, Renee Taylor

For friendly, personal service, you have come to the right place! Walker County Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer a full range of financial services to anyone who lives, works, or worships in Walker County, and to their immediate family members as well. Established on October 23, 1957, by eight professors of Sam Houston State Teachers College, this financial institution has continually served the Huntsville and surrounding areas with integrity, sound principles, and neighborly hospitality.

WCFCU is governed by a seven-member board of directors who are elected by credit union members during the annual meeting. The current board, comprising a wide range of age, experience, and professional backgrounds, includes employees or former employees of the City of Huntsville, Walker County, and Sam Houston State University. Each board member serves a three year term and is highly qualified to satisfy the fiduciary duty that he or she was elected to fulfill.

The credit union currently employs nine full-time staff and one part-time staff member, with the following employees having extensive experience serving at this institution:

  • Toi Williamson (22) – President/CEO
  • Nancy Harbin (21) – CFO
  • Robert Logston (15) – COO
  • Ruthie Johnson (10) – Head Teller
  • Audrey Deimel (5) – Member Services Specialist

business-lobby-2Whether it be lobby, drive-thru, or online, Walker County Federal Credit Union offers the full range of services their members expect including savings, checking, VISA debit cards, online and mobile banking, and free bill pay. Needing a loan? WCFCU can help you with a personal loan, a new or used auto loan, ATV and RV loans, and lines of credit loans. VISA credit cards are available as well.

Success spells growth, which means Walker County Federal Credit Union has outgrown their current space. This may mean a few growing pains as remodeling is in progress, but all services will continue as before, and when the job is done, new amenities will be in place such as the new curbside ATM, where nighttime deposits can be made, and an additional drive-thru banking lane with 2-way audio/video for quicker daytime service.

Additionally, more square footage and a new interior layout will give added space for more expedient lobby services, as well as the ability to upgrade technology and online services and to move forward with future innovations. As CEO Toi Williamson says, “We are growing, but will never grow out of our commitment to offer the personalized financial services our members can count on. We value our members and listen to their banking needs, and plot our growth from there. We have been in this location for 15 years, and it is only natural we have reached a point where expansion is necessary. And, it is important that we grow in a logical and careful way.”

business-tellersWalker County Federal Credit Union not only offers a wide array of services at its Normal Park Drive location, but is also involved in a number of community service endeavors. When the opportunity presents itself, WCFCU likes to sponsor and donate to the Chamber of Commerce events. Toi is very pleased that they are able to support the community by helping with group and individual needs. These include purchasing school supplies for children, handling medical expenses for a family in need, and contributing to scholarships through fundraisers such as the Walker County Area Go Texan Crawfish Boil. WCFCU is a member of the HISD Buyer’s Group who helps purchase Walker County Fair animals for students, and contributes to other fair-related events as well.

One highly effective service endeavor in which WCFCU participates is the CU 4Reality Fair. This is an educational program which focuses on area school students by providing curriculum and an application venue for learning about wise and disciplined personal financial practices. Each year high school students learn about creating a personal budget, what goes into it, and how to maintain it on a monthly basis. Then, at the Reality Fair, the students are placed in a mock situation which mirrors real life. A student may apply for a job, purchase goods, services, or properties, and deal with benefits and adversities that come their way, all the while making adjustments to their budgets to meet the new challenges.

One component that adds the challenge factor is the “Wheel of Life.” A student spins the wheel and lands on an item that will have either a positive or negative impact on his or her budget. An unexpected payday bonus will definitely bring a smile to the student’s face and a positive impact on that monthly budget! Or the student may find that he or she now has the expense of a flat tire, or computer repair to deal with! The budget must be adjusted to meet this new situation. Comments from students such as, “This is what my parents go through each month?,” reflect surprise and a realization of what a family budget means. Being involved in an educational endeavor like this is a service that will have a far-reaching impact on our young people and the communities in which they will live.

business-lobby-1“What exactly is a credit union?” A credit union is a “not for profit” financial institution that is owned by its members and operates solely for their benefit. Only members can borrow from or deposit money into it. The Mission Statement of Walker County Federal Credit Union is “to enrich its members’ quality of life by providing high quality, fairly-priced financial services, and to remain driven by member needs. Walker County Federal Credit Union is also dedicated to providing courteous, efficient, and professional service to its members.”

“How do I become a member?” Joining is easy. Those who are eligible (who live, work or worship in Walker County) can complete and sign a signature card and make an initial deposit of ten dollars. “How safe is my money?” Deposits are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. And by joining Walker County Federal Credit Union, you help to strengthen our community by insuring that the credit union remains financially strong, and to enable it to serve the many needs of our community.

For more information on the many services offered by Walker County Federal Credit Union, please visit their website at or make a personal visit to the credit union at 1802 Normal Park Drive in Huntsville. By doing that, you will get a good dose of the neighborly hospitality that we’ve been talking about! (And take along $10 to become a WCFCU member today!)

2016-10oct-wcfcu-featureContact Information:

(936) 291-2171
1802 Normal Park Drive


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