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Business-StorefrontSomething interesting happened to southern shopping habits as the country climbed out of the Great Recession: shopping secondhand stores became not only acceptable, but even hip. As more Americans looked online for vintage accessories and home décor, increasing numbers also flocked to Treasures by Grace, a “neighborhood” thrift store for clothes and housewares.

It’s true that thrift shops have a lot in common—they all offer used goods at low prices, a number of them in order to raise funds for a charity. Many are either entirely or partially staffed by volunteers. The differences are usually dictated by resources—the bigger the budget, the bigger the store, the greater the inventory, and the better organized it is. Treasures By Grace is just such a place.

Business-Patience-BlessingsLocated at 1712 North Frazier in Conroe, the accredited Better Business Bureau shop advertises as a resale boutique, but it is so much more. If there were a thrift world, Treasures by Grace would be ordained as a capital city. Its inventory is clean and in high demand.

People who love thrift stores really love Treasures by Grace. It has been gaining in popularity over the last two years. Its popularity may be due in part to its friendly customer service, not to mention the growing numbers– approximately 16 to 18 percent of Americans shop at thrift stores.

Shopping, or as some prefer the term thrifting, is a unique experience at Treasures by Grace. Digging through cluttered racks and shelves, with the possibility of finding something really awesome, drives a loyal customer base. It’s the ultimate example of one person’s trash being another person’s treasure. Here are all the reasons you would love this store, and why you should definitely give them a shot if you haven’t.

Business-Ray-ArmsteadFirst, the most obvious reason we go to thrift stores: bargains. They are inexpensive. Even though a lot of thrift shops are now armed with the price-checking power of Google, you’re still going to find a lot of great stuff at low prices headed by a knowledgeable staff assembled by Ray Armstead. And once in a while, if you’re lucky…

If you haven’t experienced this, it is a thrill. Whether it’s designer clothing or some prized piece of unknown electronic equipment, at first you can barely hold your excitement. How has no one grabbed this yet?

Business-FigurinesIt might not cost a lot of money, but it has some intrinsic value to you. And you clutch that item with your life for the rest of your time in the store. Even if it’s uncomfortable, it will never leave your side. Setting it down anywhere is just not an option at Treasures by Grace. People will swoop in for these little gems. When you arrive at the checkout, you feel a small amount of guilt, because they have no idea what they have here! But that guilt is completely overshadowed by, “HOLY COW! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!”

If you like certain clothes, jewelry, records, furniture, electronics, etc., you’ll likely run into people who have similar collecting hobbies and perhaps even gain a lead or two on things you’re looking for. That’s part of the fun and adventure of thrifting through the treasures. Anyway, aren’t we all a little tempted?

Business-Red-ShoesIt is also like a trip through time. There’s something about entering this shop that is just packed with potential. If a great time for you is dropping into a store of once-owned goods with no idea what you’re looking for but you know it when you see it, then this shop is it—endless possibilities and endless questions. Who owned this before? WHY? What is this? Is this amazing, or is this, or what?

Young people everywhere know the feeling of moving into a new place and realizing on the first night that you don’t actually own a single fork or plate to eat with. Treasures by Grace is a great place to find dishes and cookware that have already withstood the test of time, but are also totally affordable. One person found a 30-piece cooking set for under $15.

Business-Store-InsideBooks, games, records, mugs, speak ‘n’ spells, electronic dartboards, scarfs, rings, t-shirts, generic paintings, laserdiscs, boom boxes, VHS movies, ceramic figurines, ties. Where else could you even find all these things under one roof?

There’s already some amount of mystery involved in thrift store shopping, but this shop takes this to the next level. They boast of some of the most competitive consignments in the business. This is doubly true on weekends, when bargain hunters are out in full force. While most thrift stores restock during the day, you’re guaranteed a fresh selection of merchandise when you arrive right when the shop opens.

Business-DressThis is, hands-down, destined to become a favorite. It looks like there are more genuine vintage sets of china lingering in the aisles of Treasures by Grace than there are bridal registries in America. They usually cost less than what you’d pay for a single tea cup in a new set.

If you have a good eye and the patience to sift through racks of clothing, you can unearth some real gems at here in this store, including designer labels at just a fraction of what you’d pay at a department store.

Whether you are looking for classic items like black pants and blazers, jackets, button-down shirts and even suits, Treasures by Grace is usually well-stocked with these items, so you can often find better selection and quality. The explosion of slightly used items – from clothes to furniture – generated by America’s formidable consumer culture has created a competitive market for those goods and Treasures by Grace is leading the way.

1712 N Frazier St, Suite 101B
Conroe, TX 77301
(936) 689-2493


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