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Business Focus: Steve’s Golf Carts


Photos by Libby Rogers

Steve’s Golf Carts has been meeting the Huntsville area’s golf cart service, sales, and repair needs since 2003. Owner Steve Baker is a born and raised Huntsville native, and has been a local business owner for 31 years. He is a jack of all trades and an entrepreneur. After working for a Nissan Dealership in Dallas, he turned his newly learned skill of window tinting into a fulltime business, operating a mobile business out of a van. That business grew into a storefront shop for window tinting and pinstriping, located on Highway 190.

As Huntsville grew, Steve saw the market for golf carts grow in the community. The closest service shop for golf carts was in Conroe. “We lived in the country,” said Steve. “We had friends in Elkins Lake, and that’s where my son took up golfing. He was actually very good and went to state 3 out of 4 years in high school. As we used golf carts more and more, we realized there was a market for someone local who specialized in repair.” Having experience in auto repair, Steve taught himself to repair golf carts, adding this service to his existing business.

“I didn’t intend to enter golf cart sales, but I would come upon good deals, and that’s how I got into the sales part,” said Steve. He now offers both new and used golf carts for sale. One huge advantage Steve is able to offer is free pickup and delivery with service. Shops outside of Huntsville offer pickup and delivery with a fee because of the distance traveled. Being in town, Steve does all pickups and deliveries himself every morning, with most service being completed and back in the owner’s possession within 24 hours. As the golf cart business has grown, so has the service team. Steve employees two men to work in the shop: Wendy and Edgar. Steve’s mother, Earlene Fulton, works as the secretary and receptionist. Matt Rouse, who Steve affectionately refers to as his “ex-son-in-law,” is Steve’s righthand man, handling all sales, as well as the service and parts department. Steve’s team keeps up with ever-advancing golf cart technology with modern diagnostic tools and access to technical support lines, allowing his business to service all models of golf carts, from old to new and gas to electric.

Steve’s Golf Carts also does customized carts, like custom flag paint jobs, team logos, lift kits, weather enclosures, and much more. If a customer has a vision, Steve and his team can make it happen. Matt said his favorite custom job was an M&M themed cart for a race car driver. He explained, “It had a lift kit and big tire inserts. The body was painted with M&Ms. The seats were green, red, and blue. It was the most custom cart I have ever seen.”

Interestingly, only about a third of their golf carts go to golf courses and golf communities. Other golf cart owners include those who live on large properties and those who like a quick way to get around the neighborhood. Steve also has several large corporate clients, including apartment complexes, churches, and Sam Houston State University.

Steve will soon be expanding the business in two areas. The first is with portable storage buildings, partnering with a company named Cook out of Bastrop, Texas. The second is with lawnmowers in partnership with Grasshopper.

Conservatively estimated, Steve has a customer base of over 5,000. Steve stresses the importance of customer satisfaction in all areas of his business. “Part of living in a small town is working with neighbors and customers that you see regularly, and developing a good working relationship,” said Steve. Another part of the small-town charm is his family living nearby and spending time at his work property. His daughter Brittni and her husband, Robert Ventura, have two children—David and Maya. Steve’s son Brent and daughter-in-law Sarah have Nova and a second baby on the way. Sidewalk chalk on the front patio, model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, and a large aquarium and indoor fountain in the lobby let customers know children are welcome to accompany their parents or grandparents as they take care of business.

Open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 8am to noon, Steve and his team at Steve’s Golf Carts would love to see you at their current location at 267 State Highway 19 with all your golf cart, window tinting, and pinstriping needs. They can be reached by phone at 936-291-8216 and can be found on Facebook: StevesGolfCarts. 


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