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Pictured above from left to right: Melanie Pavelka, Brian Slaughter, Kathryn Keuper, Josh Adcock, Rosemary Sandoval, Dewitt Oleinik, Tricia Willismas, Kim Perkins, Carol Brown, and Kevin Parish

“Effective communication is a means to understanding exactly what the client wants and helps to ensure that time and resources are used wisely.”

 TRUST. INTEGRITY. RELIABILITY. These three hallmarks characterize a business which has earned a reputation of excellence since opening its doors to Huntsville in 2005. Welcome to Neuwirth Slaughter & Associates, LLP, located at 168 Col Etheredge Blvd, Suite B, a Certified Public Accounting firm committed to providing the highest standards in accounting services including tax preparation, financial consulting, and estate planning.

168 Col Etheredge Blvd, Suite B Huntsville, TX 77340

[email protected]

Brian Slaughter and Dewitt Oleinik, Certified Public Accountants, along with eight other professionals, are ready to provide services that include:

  • Corporate, Partnership, Estates, Trust, and Personal tax preparation services
  • Estate planning
  • Business formation planning
  • Tax planning
  • Business consulting
  • Payroll assistance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Retirement planning and wealth accumulation
  • Audits before the IRS
  • Tax matter controversy with IRS
  • Sales tax and unemployment audits

Brian notes that his firm specializes in planning and consulting for small business owners and serves a large number of small business clients in this area and throughout the state of Texas. In addition to CPAs Brian and Dewitt, the staff consists of accountants Kim Perkins, Josh Adcock, Patricia Williams, Kevin Parish, and administrative professionals Melanie Pavelka, Carol Brown, Rosemary Sandoval and Kathryn Keuper. All staff reside in Walker County and have been with the firm for more than five years, with several on staff ten years or more. All have a connection with Huntsville and take pride in seeing their clients prosper and grow.

CPAs Brian Slaughter (right) and Dewitt Oleinik help tailor their services for each client individually 

To protect and grow their assets, a person needs to have a good CPA, attorney, and financial planner. These professionals should work in concert to make sure that the client’s needs are met and that the client is working to achieve his or her goals. Neuwirth Slaughter & Associates network with several financial planners and attorneys in both Huntsville and The Woodlands, including those who work in the international field. When asked for referrals for these professionals, Brian and staff will direct them to those that can best meet their needs. Teamwork spells success, yet another advantage in placing trust in their firm.

“A little bit of planning goes a very long way.” 

In seeking a CPA, a prospective client should look for someone who has experience and is able to provide planning to meet their specific goals or needs in a prompt and efficient way. As Brian states, “We treat each client with respect and individually tailor what we do for them. Also, too many people settle for letting their CPA take months to get their information prepared instead of finding someone who will handle it in a timely fashion. We handle calls promptly and take every measure to communicate efficiently and effectively with our clients. Effective communication is a means to understanding exactly what the client wants and helps to ensure that time and resources are used wisely.”

The state of Texas does not require a person be licensed to prepare tax returns. And with the complexity and frequent modifications in tax laws, this can and has led to opportunities for both uninformed and intentional mishandling of tax returns. Clients can find themselves victims of error or theft, leaving them with penalties and unnecessary fees. The only recourse in these situations is to sue the tax preparer. Brian and his staff take their obligation very seriously and take every precaution and careful measure to provide an accurate and optimal tax return for their clients. As an added benefit, they offer advice on how to improve the outcome the following year, a service that other preparers may not offer. As Dewitt comments, “A little bit of planning goes a very long way. A person needs to know you did everything you could to minimize the tax bill and to advise them on what steps to take to optimize the next year’s return.”

Both Brian and Dewitt are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. They are licensed and reviewed every three years by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, as well as subject to review by the Office of Professional Responsibility with the IRS. Being licensed requires continuing education so the integrity of a CPA’s work is consistent with current tax laws and regulations, giving a client peace of mind in the services he or she receives.

Careful attention to detail characterizes their approach to every service offered, whether to an individual, a business, or a corporation. In addition to the security and peace of mind this offers, their approach to guarding clients’ online identity and assets is equally paramount. An online portal is utilized to provide the utmost in security when transferring information between the firm and clients. As Brian remarked, “The business world is more global now. Even though technology has made life easier, it has also made it more dangerous. We do not use cloud-based applications. Everything is local, on-site, and protected.” Due to online availability of services, they have been able to provide service to clients across Texas and many other States many of whom they have not had the chance to meet in person. In addition to technology in communication, advances in technology have made tax preparation a more streamlined process and the services of a CPA very affordable!

In addition to providing high-quality accounting services, Neuwirth Slaughter & Associates are deeply involved in the community of Huntsville. They sponsor a table each year at the Wounded Warriors, the Hearts Veteran Museum, and the Alpha Omega banquets, and contribute to several activities of Huntsville High School and other community events, as well as provide pro bono services to the New Waverly Public Library. As individuals, several staff serve on local boards and are officers in community organizations.

In summary, Neuwirth Slaughter & Associates are ready to provide the first-class service in tax preparation and a variety of other accounting services with the goal of protecting and growing their clients’ assets. And with their network of financial planners and attorneys, the education, support, and actualizing of financial objectives is made more possible. To set up a consultation, contact them by phone at 936-291-8500, or email [email protected] or simply be welcomed into their front door at 168 Col Etheredge Blvd and plan on a lasting and trustworthy relationship.

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