Business Focus: Lake Conroe Barber Shop


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Left to Right: Maryann Hartman, Marc Mahaffey, Dawn Wyman

Stepping into Lake Conroe Barber Shop is like slipping back to a simpler time, when everyone knew their neighbors and a barber shop was the social hub of a small town community. Perched on the east side of the lake at 13225 FM 1097 West, Lake Conroe Barber Shop is a friendly and inviting place to get a haircut and a shave.

Owner Marc Mahaffey followed in his dad’s footsteps to become a barber and has been cutting hair for the last 30 years. “I’ve been a barber my whole adult life,” he says. Together with employees Dawn and Maryann, Marc offers over 70 years of haircutting experience to his customers. “We do our best to provide quality service in a friendly atmosphere. We love our customers, and we have a great clientele. We get a lot of good people.” he says. When asked if the changes in the level of the lake affects his business, Marc chuckles. “No, but rainy days brings the golfers to my door. There are a lot of people in this area that are retired, and we really depend on them a lot.”

Business-Road-SignMarc has seen the city of Willis grow quite a bit since he built his barber shop over 13 years ago. “When I opened, there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic on 1097. It has really increased since then. There are a lot of good people out here; this has been a great location, and I’ve enjoyed it. I hope we can put in a lot more years here.” Even though his clientele has increased over the years, Marc still describes his business as “an old-fashioned kind of barber shop.” While offering a quality haircut and shave is a top priority, Dawn says they also “have the most accurate gossip in town.” A lot of new businesses have popped up over the years, and many people come in to get a haircut and talk about the changes. They want to speculate on all the new construction happening in Willis. Maryann adds, “We talk a lot about what is going on in the community. Anytime there is something new coming in the area, people want to know what it is.”

While known locally as a place to get a quality haircut and shave with a personal touch, Lake Conroe Barber Shop will also leave you with a rare sense of small-town community. Marc admits that, while service is important, he understands it’s all about the atmosphere. In the words of one client, “The main reason their customers keep coming back is because of these good people.” Lake Conroe Barber Shop is open Monday through Saturday. Call (936) 890-5721 for an appointment, but walk-ins are always welcome.


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