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As the strength and action of a hammer are applied with skill to create new objects or to build one’s dreams, so is Hammer Time built upon the strength and integrity of Gino Mattaliano, a young man who created a home improvement company providing its customers services they can trust and work they can be proud of.

Gino, his wife Amber, and their children moved to Huntsville a year ago to be near family, and have fallen in love with the Huntsville area. Along with his family, Gino brought his dream of providing a wide range of home improvement services to the area that people can trust and depend upon. The word “integrity” describes his approach to dealing with people and providing them a quality service in an honest and forthright manner.

Gino named his company Hammer Time to portray the idea of strength and commitment he brings to his work. As he said, “I gave the company a respectable name to attract good workers and to give a good name to customers. There are a lot of bad home improvement companies out there, and I want to change the game!”

Hammer Time provides a wide range of services which include interior and exterior painting, siding, remodeling, and patio and deck projects. In addition to these services, Gino also does pressure washing, landscaping, yard maintenance, and custom wood fencing. And, as his business grows and takes on new employees, he plans to provide roofing services as well.

Gino is a Home Depot Pro, which means that Home Depot includes his company on a list when customers have specific home improvement projects to be accomplished and are seeking qualified providers to get the job done timely and in a quality manner. As Gino says, “if you need a job done, just ask!” He can do the job himself, provide subcontractors who can get your job done, or refer you to another remodeler, whatever option would best serve the customer.

A bid is usually given to a customer within a day of receiving a call, and Gino will schedule the job as quickly as possible, giving priority to the customer’s schedule and what works best in his or her timeframe. His service area includes Huntsville, New Waverly, Conroe, Riverside, Trinity, Crockett, Livingston, Onalaska, Bryan and College Station, and other outlying areas.

Gino began in his early years to learn the skills necessary to build a quality home improvement company that will earn a good name in the community. As early as age 7, he would go along on jobs with family and family friends and help with their work. You could find him, even at this young age, gutting and remodeling houses and performing many other jobs that you would find the older men doing.

Growing up without a father, Gino’s older brother Micheal became as a father to him, teaching him many work and life skills. Gino has a tremendous respect for him. His mom Dorene has also taught him and worked alongside him in the family business. As Gino says, “My mom is great with power tools! And she has shown me many things over the years.”

Additionally, Gino gives credit to his lovely wife Amber for all she has done to help get this company up and running. She and Gino love to paint houses together and consider it a fun and relaxing endeavor. In fact, Gino has always been very artistic and, at a young age, it was not unusual to find him drawing and painting.

Hammer Time has grown out of a passion that Gino has always had for home improvement, and he brings his wide array of skills and many years of experience to provide a quality solution to meet his customers’ needs. Integrity is his trademark; quality work his hallmark; pleasing his customers a priority—and, the overarching purpose in his life that drives all he does is to please God. As Gino says, without Him, he could do nothing. A scripture passage that has great meaning to him is Ephesians 2:10, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

For your next home improvement project, give Gino and Hammer Time a call. He will respond quickly and bring great expertise and quality work to accomplish your plans. As his motto says, “We Got YOU Covered!”

Contact Information:
(936) 293-6857


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