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Photos by Gina Turner

 “Play it Safe!” “Safety First!” “Safe Haven!” “Better Safe Than Sorry!” People need to feel secure and protected. As a result of Covid, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and social distancing are all current signs of this innate desire. One local company has been a hallmark of a different type of protection for over two decades. 

Whether one is a high-profile individual seeking a security detail, a homeowner seeking to keep one’s family and dwelling protected in every conceivable way, an employer vetting a possible new-hire before extending a job offer, a law enforcement professional needing to complete Continuing Education Units to remain certified, a person seeking to obtain a License to Carry, or somebody desiring to learn varying self-defense techniques, Global Executive Protection (Global) offers the services to meet these needs. 

“We have been in business for twenty years. We do Executive Protection, Threat Assessments, Security Surveys, high-end security, and we have a regional training academy here as well. We are a state-licensed DPS academy,” Agent Director T. L. “Tom” Johnson shared. After 25 years in law enforcement, Tom said this vision developed from working security and other extra jobs within this field. This unique business offers varying classes for law enforcement agents, such as a course in investigative hypnosis, but they also present instruction to private citizens. “People are watching the news and are scared to death right now. They are showing up at the gun range and trying to shoot a gun that they just bought. To keep yourself safe, there are a number of other protocols to learn before you try to shoot a firearm. We teach people how to protect their homes and their businesses,” Johnson explained. “We teach proper use of firearms: rifle, pistol, shotgun, as well as a taser, baton, and pepper spray.” 

Pulling into the parking lot of 2125 North Loop 336 West, and walking into the offices of Suite 120, one would not understand the wealth of security knowledge contained here. Mr. Johnson is the security consultant for the Houston Rockets and the Texans. Their nine bomb dogs have kept citizens safe in locations such as the Toyota Center and the NRG Stadium. Their bodyguards have also protected the homes and families of nationally known local celebrities, such as the owner of the Astros. “When people receive death threats, we will monitor the web and do an analysis to prepare a plan of action. Sometimes, that means putting 24-hour security at their house,” Johnson noted. Depending on the type of threat being faced by the customer, the staff will send out from their well-trained pool of licensed men and women anywhere from regular security officers to Navy Seals. This security company uses state-licensed and background checked security officers, locksmiths, private investigators, alarm, and camera installers to ensure the safety of their consumers. They are state-licensed to keep such individuals certified through their regional training academy. They also have retrieved jewelry from high-end companies such as Cartier® or De Beers® and delivered them to fashion shows and fundraisers. 

“Our motto is, ‘To report a crime, call 911. To prevent one, call us.” 

Former death-row prison guard and security officer Mandie Medina greets potential clients with a smile. As an administrator, she takes care of all who are seeking to become licensed. “It is often difficult for people to understand all the details required by DPS, so I take care of all of the paperwork and processing; I get them set up for fingerprinting. I also take care of all our invoicing, incoming and outgoing phone calls, setting up private citizens for various trainings, etc. I am human resources and administration all wrapped up in one package,” Medina laughingly quipped. “Back when I was young, I didn’t understand what all the laws were in this field. I thought I wanted to be a marine biologist, and somehow, I got twisted up into law enforcement. With Tom’s experience, he knew how to place me in a position to succeed in this field. I have been a bodyguard and an executive security officer for his company.” 

Senior Agent Russell Rhodes met Mr. Johnson about a decade and a half ago when he was doing personal protection for a client who was contracted with Global Executive Protection. Rhodes, who has a military background and who had worked in safety management in the oil field, is no stranger to offering personal security and protection to those in need. “Any person can increase or decrease his/her chance of being chosen as a victim of a violent attack by the way he/she walks, moves, or carries himself/herself. We train individuals on how to present themselves. You don’t have to be somebody who learns to do barrel rolls or hide behind stuff when you are walking out of the grocery store…but you can let people around you know, ‘Hey, I am paying attention to my surroundings; my phone is in my pocket. I know if you (a perpetrator) are out here looking for me,’’ Rhodes communicated. 

If Homeland Security has flagged a sailor on a ship that is not allowed to disembark into our country, they have often reached out to Global to help protect the Texas coast. At times, this means apprehending an individual, processing said person and putting him on a plane headed home. They have kept bedside vigil over injured individuals identified by Homeland as a threat, as well as detaining stowaways. 

If a private citizen desires to explore one’s own residential safety, preparedness, and protection, a call to Global will begin an in-depth and thorough process. Some of the things evaluated in the five-page Residential Security Survey include inspecting locks, lighting, internet, emergency preparedness, etc. This company protects their clients by signing a non-disclosure agreement from the onset. After the survey is complete, they will return with a package which details what “must” be completed, what “should” be completed, and what “might” be completed to garner the safety of the dwelling and its occupants. They have even built panic rooms in and around the area. They also offer personal training, so the family knows what to do if there is a situation that requires emergency action. “Our motto is, ‘To report a crime, call 911. To prevent one, call us,’” Medina commented. “Statistically, there is a one-in-four probability of a person being assaulted in a lifetime. There is hope, and there is a way to protect yourself, and we can help you get there,” Johnson concluded. “We are here to help our neighbors be safe. We have the knowledge, technology, and ability to do that.”

2125 N Loop 336 W, Ste 120, Conroe, TX 77304 Phone: (936) 441-8818


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