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Fisher’s Pest Control, family owned and operated, has been a primary go-to business in the Willis and Conroe area since 1977. David and Brenda Reed work alongside their son and daughter-in-law, Christopher and Melissa, to service the Lake Conroe area in residential and commercial pest control. The family, residents of Willis for more than 40 years, strives to provide full service pest management to the surrounding area, their highest priority being personal and satisfactory customer service. Fisher’s Pest Control’s services include general pest control, termites, and automatic insect control systems. The business was started in 1977 by Ralph Fisher and grew to a customer base of about 75 loyal customers. Once Mr. Fisher decided to retire, the Reed family bought the business in 1982 and kept the company name in honor of Mr. Fisher. Since then, the Reed family has worked to expand the company’s customer base to about 3500 customers, who the Reeds consider branches of their own family. The business works to maintain good relationships with customers and put their satisfaction first by responding with individuality for each concern. Chris teamed up with his parents and joined the company in 2003, with his wife Melisa following soon after.

The automatic insect control system delivers automatic and perpetual control of all flying and crawling insects. “That’s an automatic system that runs off a 55 gallon unit. We have a ¼ inch nylon tubing around the outside of homes, and the nozzles are spaced strategically apart, like 4, 6, and 8 feet apart. The system goes off at night, and I call it perpetual pest control, because it goes off on this timer and fogs the outside of the house and kills the bugs,” Brenda explains. In addition to residential and commercial services, the business provides real estate inspections. They perform evaluations and implement treatment for wood-destroying insects for both pre-construction and post-construction. “We do real estate inspections. Chris goes out and does inspections for wood-destroying insects: termites, carpenter ants, beetles, and bores. “The inspections are mandatory when you buy a house, unless the buyer waives it. Basically Chris will visit the homes and make sure there are no wood-destroying pests that could potentially damage the house,” Brenda adds.

“We pretty much started the insect control systems on Lake Conroe. The system we’re using is our design that was created for homes. They’ve been used in barns for poultry and cattle; they’ve been used in all types of different places.” These automatic systems can also be installed for agricultural purposes, to protect livestock and animals from pests. “It is an innovative system that controls and eliminates pests automatically, pretty much anything crawling or flying. A big issue right now is mosquitos, because of the Zika virus. We get a lot of calls because of the mosquito problem.” Brenda says. Fisher’s Pest Control does business as far as Coldspring, but mainly services the Lake Conroe area and The Woodlands.

Fisher’s Pest Control is distinctive for their use of only organic and botanical insecticides. For over 160 years, Pyrethrum has been the most widely used botanical insecticide in the world. The active ingredient, pyrethrin, is extracted from the flowering plant, chrysanthemum, and has been used both safely and effectively all over the world. The company places a high importance on acknowledging environmental factors and using only safe, non-threatening ingredients. They strive to actively stay educated about their field and embrace new technology and methods in order to be the best business they can for their customers. In return for the trust of their customers, Fisher’s Pest Control strives to provide the availability and quality that they would give to their own family.

Fisher’s Pest Control values networking with other businesses and professionals in the area and is actively involved in a Business Networking International group. Chris serves as the current president of the greater Conroe chapter and attends weekly meetings with 35 other members. As president, he keeps the meeting on agenda and provides leadership for the group. There is only one professional in each category, with Chris representing the only pest control service. The exclusive professional group consists of businesses that share high quality referrals. Chris describes his BNI group as being like his extended family because they all support one another and know each other personally.

When asked what sets their business apart, Brenda answers, “Our customers are branches to our family. We know all our customers personally, and they never have a stranger in their home. They trust us with their keys, their animals, and their children. We keep it a family-oriented business for that reason. We have a four-digit pest control license, #3337, meaning we were the 3,337 thousandth pest control business in Texas. Now the number is about 20,000.” The family is excited about building their new shop, beginning construction at the end of October. The new shop will aid in the expansion of the business, and the building is estimated to be completed by the end of the year.

Fisher’s Pest Control operates 8:00 am- 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, to bring you trustworthy, quality, and innovative pest control to your home or business. On the weekends, David and Brenda spend time with their family and grandchildren. The Reed family would like to thank all of their customers for the loyalty shown to them over the years. David and Brenda look forward to retirement, when their son and daughter-in-law will continue the family business, and together carry on the family’s legacy of excellent business practices.


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