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Business-Store-FrontAs soon as customers walk through the doors of Ernst Jewelers, they step into a quality of graceful style, elegance, and sophistication. From the very moment an Ernst representative inquires as to the customer’s pleasure, one is left with the anticipation of satisfaction.

Family owned and operated since 1893, Ernst Jewelers stands among only a rare group of jewelry stores that still prides itself on personal service. Along with a warm southern atmosphere and quality merchandise, the Ernst family name is one of the most trusted in east Texas. Business-Robert-and-BlytheBuilt upon four generations of expertise and integrity, Robert Ernst along with his wife Blythe carry on this tradition of skill and character.

As an official Rolex dealer, Ernst Jewelers also offers an extensive line of fine diamonds, pearls, custom designed jewelry, extraordinarily crafted engagement and wedding rings, along with other designer jewelry among the finest in the region.

The Ernsts takes pride in creating beautiful jewelry with attention to fine details. Each piece of jewelry is a personal work of art that only one person can call their very own. Hours of care are put into yielding special moments and lasting memories.

A large selection of Pandora items are also available. With more than 600 pieces in sterling silver, 14k gold and two-tone to choose from, you’re certain to find one for each of your special moments in their range of Pandora charms.

Business-Diamond-InspectionErnst has long enjoyed a reputation of connecting to the real world. By offering affordable prices, its customer base can connect to a classic era while keeping in step with modern standards of fashion along with the latest contemporary trends.

Also offered to the customer are a unique brand of services to include appraisals by a GIA Gemologist. They can appraise any diamond, watch, gemstone, or other type of jewelry. Ernst recommends appraisals be done at least every five years and documented in case of theft, loss, or damage.

Business-WatchesJewelry repair is no problem for Ernst Jewelry. It does not matter if a ring needs to be sized or the resetting of a diamond is required, they are there to service your every jewelry need (with cleanings complimentary). All major watch brands may also be serviced at Ernst Jewelry with a one year warranty. Disassembly and overhaul of movements and examination of all parts are offered for mechanical watches. They will even replace worn out or damaged parts and reseal water resistant watch cases. Each watch part is carefully placed in a specially designed chemical solution that has the ability to emulsify dried oils, dissolve dirt, and dust. Then your watch is reassembled to perfection. They recommend a general overhaul be performed every three years and all water-resistant watches be tested once a year for case tightness. In addition, bracelet watch bands are polished and thoroughly cleaned. Quartz watches are also fully serviced.

Each quartz watch is disassembled and the case and bracelet is thoroughly and completely polished using ultrasonic measures. Batteries are also replaced along with any gaskets. No detail is spared in returning your watch to factory specifications.

Business-JewelryPerhaps you have a desire to custom design a piece of jewelry. Ernst offers start-to-finish design and production of jewelry in your own individual style. They can help put your ideas on paper, then later bring them to life. Let the craftsmen at Ernst create the piece of jewelry of your dreams with the precious metals of your choice. With the aid of computer technology, the only limit is your imagination. No piece is too difficult. New gems are available or, if you want, you may use a gemstone you already have. Let them turn an old and unworn piece of jewelry back into something fresh and exciting, sure to be the envy of friends.

Before shopping for a diamond or engagement ring, Ernst Jewelry provides an opportunity to learn the basics about diamonds (call it Diamond 101). The five Cs, as they’re called, are cut, color, clarity, carat, and certification. These basics are sure to come in handy when it’s time to consider the cost.

Business-Diamond-RingThe cut (or facets) of a diamond is created by artisans. A well-cut diamond lets the maximum amount of light in and reflects it back to the eye. The better the cut, the more sparkly the diamond. Cuts are graded as ideal, premium, very good, good, fair, or poor. Generally, you should seek an ideal to very good grade.

Color is another very important factor in diamond selection. The less color a diamond has, the more valuable is.

All but the rarest diamonds have small flaws, air bubbles, scratches, or other minerals. The fewer the flaws, the more valuable and beautiful the stone. Diamonds graded VVS2 to IF are rare and expensive. Most couples opt for ratings between SI2 and VS1. Clarity is nearly impossible for a layperson to evaluate, so it’s important to get an EGL or GIA certificate verifying diamond quality.

A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. Carat weight and diamond size aren’t the same, because cutting a diamond to different proportions affects its weight. Remember, carat weight alone doesn’t determine a diamond’s value. Bigger does not necessarily mean better. Instead, consider all five Cs to determine cost.

It is important to get a GIA or EGL certificate from your jeweler to verify the quality of any diamond before you purchase it. A vast number of diamonds sold at Ernst Jewelers include a report from well-known independent gemological labs, such as the world-famous Gemological Institute of America’s Gem Trade Laboratory and the European Gemological Laboratory.

Visit Ernst Jewelry in downtown Huntsville, Texas at 1115 12th Street—a place that’s been getting women into trouble and men out of it since 1893.

1115 12th Street
Huntsville, Texas 77340
(936) 295-7621


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