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Timothy Deahl, M.D., has been practicing medicine in Huntsville, Texas for nearly 29 years. Delivering more than 5,000 babies at Huntsville Memorial Hospital, and caring for more than 30,000 women since opening his practice, Dr. Deahl is one of Huntsville’s most beloved and respected obstetricians.  

Dr. Deahl studied medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He completed his residency in OB/GYN specialty at Saint Joseph’s in Houston. “I knew I wanted to be a doctor in high school,” said Dr. Deahl. “I wanted to go into family medicine where I could care for a whole person through all stages of life.” In medical school, it became clear that medicine was headed in the direction of specialties, and away from family practitioners, so he decided to pursue obstetrics. “As an OB I could still do all the things I wanted to do, caring for the whole person from primary care to surgery. My only limitation is that my patients must be women!” 

As an OB/GYN, Dr. Deahl spends a lot of time caring for pregnant women. He delivered his first baby in March of 1987 at Parkland Hospital in Dallas while in medical school. “That first delivery is scary! But then instinct takes over, and you handle the situation at hand, and everything went smoothly.” He went on to deliver 120 babies in medical school, more than 2,500 in residency, and more than  5,000 in Huntsville, bringing his grand total of babies delivered to more than 7,620. “The best part of taking care of expecting women is working with young couples who are so excited about the pregnancy,” said Dr. Deahl. 

He added that the most difficult part is when women do not have support or are abusing drugs. To offer additional resources to women in crisis, Huntsville Memorial Hospital opened a new prenatal clinic in July of 2018. Dr. Deahl is one of the local physicians working closely with the clinic, designed as a safe place for pregnant women who are uninsured or who are in any way hesitant to see their doctor to get much needed prenatal care. Women are encouraged to contact Huntsville Memorial Hospital directly to get more information on the prenatal clinic. 

One of Dr. Deahl’s favorite parts of practicing medicine is the ever-growing range of technological advances. One such advance is robotic surgery, which also plays a large part in Dr. Deahl’s practice. “I’m very proud and excited about this approach to surgery,” said Dr. Deahl. “Robotic Surgery is far less invasive, very relaxed, and most patients can go home the same day.” Dr. Deahl can perform almost any OB-related procedure robotically right in Huntsville, including hysterectomies. Hysterectomies traditionally have a long, difficult recovery process, but performing the procedure robotically significantly cuts down recovery time. 

Dr. Deahl strongly advocates for the integrity and skill of the doctors at Huntsville Memorial Hospital. “The hospital has been under scrutiny lately, but this is a great hospital in our small town,” he said. “We have a great support staff, excellent pediatricians, and extremely skilled doctors. Both of my own children were born here, everyone in my family has had services here, and, in fact, when my son needed surgery, rather than choosing a doctor in the big city he lives in, he came to Huntsville for the procedure because these are the doctors I trust more than anyone else.” 

Dr. Deahl is thoroughly prepared to care for high-risk pregnancies, with help from Maternal Fetal Medicine in the Woodlands. Women can deliver any time after 34 weeks at Huntsville Memorial Hospital. 

Three support staff members work at Dr. Deahl’s office. Alivia Ronsonette is the LPN assisting in patient care, Brenda Luker handles insurance, and Marisela Mejorado is the office receptionist. Mejorado has worked with the Deahl family for 25 years, and has been the practice’s receptionist since 2010. She shared, “This is a great place to work, a small office, and not hectic. I love my co-workers. I feel blessed.” 

Megan Spencer, pictured here with her husband Nathan and two children, has seen Dr. Deahl for both of their pregnancies.

Nathan and Megan Spencer of Huntsville saw Dr. Deahl throughout two pregnancies. Megan shared about the experience, “When my husband and I were trying to have our first baby, we decided I needed to switch to a local OB/GYN so we would be able to deliver in Huntsville. I called to make a yearly women’s exam appointment and was greeted by kind Mari on the phone. Little did I know that my first impression of her would be a reflection of Dr. Deahl and his practice. Before my appointment, I found out we were expecting and was able to change my appointment to a prenatal. Being a first-time mother, I was nervous and unsure of every step of my pregnancy. Dr. Deahl was very calm, patient, and made me feel valued as a patient. Some of my favorite appointments were my sonogram appointments. Dr. Deahl explained everything we saw and made it a very memorable experience. Hearing our babies’ heartbeats for the first time and finding out the sex of each are some of my most cherished memories.” Megan added, “Dr. Deahl and his staff are compassionate and hardworking. They are not there to earn a paycheck. They are there to make Huntsville a better place. Along with my experiences and those of other patients, I would highly recommend Dr. Deahl to anyone in search of an OB/GYN.”

“I love having my practice in Huntsville,” explained Dr. Deahl. “Doing what I do requires a lot of time. I’m always on call. In large cities, you see whoever is available, but here in Huntsville I am only 3 minutes away from the hospital. I can be there for my patients. I’ve been practicing medicine here so long that I’m now delivering the babies of my babies. It’s very special.” 

260 I-45 B
Huntsville, TX 77340
(936) 291-2557


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