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Getting older is an inevitable and incredible journey throughout life. Although it may seem at times that youth has no expiration date, it does. Somewhere along the way, the body and mind may experience adverse effects due to aging. This could jeopardize an individual’s quality of life and level of independence, which may lead to the need for considering long-term healthcare options for ourselves, or our loved ones.

The Conroe Health Care Center (CHCC) located at 2019 N Frazier Street, in Conroe, Texas is a skilled nursing facility that offers both short-term and long-term healthcare. It has a team of professional, skilled, and caring staff that strive to provide the residents with exceptional care that encourages independence for an improved quality of life. Angelique McAnally, Director of Community Relations in the Marketing and Admissions department at CHCC, invites family members who are considering short-term or long-term healthcare for their loved ones to call (936) 760-2120 and schedule an appointment to tour the facility, meet the staff, and get acquainted with their services. “I have always had a ‘passion’ for helping the elderly and disabled populations,” stated Angelique, and through her job, she has been able to reach out to these groups and provide valuable information about their services.

Angelique McAnally, Director of Community Relations

CHCC provides traditional care as well as rehabilitation and respite care, in addition to 24-hour nursing staff that handle anything from wound care to assistance with bathing, dressing, and eating. “Our wound care doctor is available onsite, on a weekly basis, and our wound care nurse is on hand, 7-days a week,” said Angelique.

Physical therapy is also provided, as well as occupational and speech therapy. While physical therapy focuses on improving joint flexibility, coordination, strength, balance, and endurance (as well as educating the residents and their families), occupational therapy concentrates on the physical and cognitive capacities needed to accomplish daily living activities. Speech therapy, on the other hand, works toward restoring the patient’s ability to communicate and focuses on such things as auditory training and swallow retraining.

Julia Mitchell-Cress,
Human Resources

For those patients that are in Home Health and have to go to the hospital, CHCC provides IV antibiotics to help residents through the recovery process until they are ready to return home. Angelique estimates that at least 70 percent of the population at Conroe Health Care Center are long-term, and 30 percent are short-term. For the latter group, “the whole idea is for them to get stabilized and be able to go home.”

The Conroe Health Care Center offers a very impressive activity program. Activity director Victoria Blow is in charge of coordinating the various activities for the residents, which usually consist of 5 to 7 activities per day. Some of these include: bingo, trivia, chair exercises, bouncing the ball with hand eye coordination, cooking classes, and socials. Once a month, the residents get to go out to a restaurant of their choice, and for those residents that don’t normally leave their beds, they have the “sunshine” group. This activity gives residents the opportunity to get out of bed, go outside accompanied by an employee, and enjoy a little bit of sunshine during a 30-minute outing. A couple of years ago, they added a new event, “dancing with the residents.” Angelique explained that a week before Thanksgiving, they had a Thanksgiving meal for the residents and their families. During this event, the residents that chose to participate selected a song and were able to dance with their therapist, a staff member, or family member. “One of our nurses came on her day off to dance with one of the residents. It was truly a Thanksgiving to remember,” said Angelique.

Shelia O’Bryant, Licensed Vocational Nurse

When families and friends visit the residents, it is a wonderful thing, because it improves their quality of life. The staff here are also very much invested with the residents. “We feel we are family,” said Angelique. The Conroe Health Care Center always receives positive feedback from families and friends who have visited the facility. They are often surprised, because it is an older building, added Julie Cress, human resources and payroll staff member, “But it’s what’s inside that counts.” The staff strives to keep the facility clean, the residents happy, and offer good staff to resident ratio, which is important to ensure the residents’ needs are being met.

To learn more about the Conroe Health Care Center and the services they provide, visit their website:

2019 N Frazier St
Conroe, TX 77301
(936) 760-2120


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