Bumps in the Road


Wow! Did the first month of the year fly by for you like it did me? When I was a kid, I remember grownups talking about how time speeds up the older you get, and I certainly understand now what they meant.

As I recently read through some notes from a seminar I participated in, I noticed a quote I had written down where the speaker had given us a description of the word “remarkable.” He described it as “worth making a remark about.”

If you have read this column more than once or twice, you’ve probably noticed that Wes and I like to travel. In fact, I’m quite sure our kids will someday wonder what happened to their inheritance, and you can all remind them we spent it traveling and making memories. They’ll understand! Recently, we “ran over” to Lake Charles to see Gladys Knight in concert. Gladys is close to the same age as my mom, and I was interested to see her perform. It was worth the drive.

However, as we crossed the Texas line, it was incredibly obvious we were no longer in Texas. The highways are not nearly as smooth and bump-free as ours normally are in the Lone Star State. In fact, it made me recall a time early in our marriage when Wes declared he wasn’t going back across that state line because they were, in fact, SO bad. Of course, our love for travel won out; but the roads haven’t gotten that much better in more than 25 years. You may be wondering what’s so remarkable about that? The reason I bring it up is because it made me think about things we take for granted and don’t miss until they’re not there. We only appreciate our Texas highways when we don’t have them.

Please take a moment to appreciate what we have here in our community. Start by flipping through the pages of this month’s issue and notice our advertisers—the people who make this publication possible. Each and every advertiser in our magazine is remarkable. They offer products and services uniquely their own—and, more importantly, they rely on you to help make them successful. Be sure to let them know you appreciate them. Support them now, so we won’t have to mention how much we miss having them around! Be sure to tell them Postcards sent you!

Until next time,

 ~ Karen


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