A Wonderful Mistake


A Wonderful Mistake

Don’t you just love it when an accidental frustration turns into something wonderful? As I write this, I am doing so on the notes in my phone–not nearly as simple as typing on my computer, but it’s important to tell you this because it goes with the story.

As you well know, last month we experienced “Snowmageddon,” and we were certain our March magazines would be at least a week late because everything in Texas had ground to a halt (or at best, a slow crawl)the entire week.We were amazed when this was not the case. The reason? The employees of Shweiki Media, our printing company,worked crazyhard to get us out almost on time!Thanks to them, we were only a day or two behind our normal delivery!

Our staff started talking about what a great job they always do for us and decided we wanted to do something for them, so we planned to drive to San Antonio and serve them lunch. One of our reps and her husband wanted to go and help,too. Since the best day for the Shweiki staffwasa Thursday, we decided to stay and work from there on Friday to dosome planning. I stayed up late the night before,packing all the things we would need for our planning session, along with the things I needed to finish my final responsibilities for the magazine you are holding (this column being among them). I rolled my briefcase and bag to the office door and,when we arrived at the hotel and began unloading, I realized that was where they still sat!

Wes had loaded the car with our personal belongings,but I forgot to mention the office things,just assuming he would see them. I was so frustrated, but he said, “There’s always a reason for everything.” I admit, I still fumed for a bit,but then realized, short of driving back home, it “was what it was”…so relax and enjoy. And we did. We laughed and talked. We played cards and laughed some more. I didn’t realize how much good a “real” day off would do me.

I am without my computer, but my column is still due,thus the typing on my phone…from the hotel room…in San Antonio. We will head home later, but as I spent the morning thinking about how much I’ve enjoyed my “wonderful mistake,”I just thought I’d share the lesson. The next time something discouraging happens, step back and remember…sometimes frustrating mistakes have the most wonderful results.

Until next time,

P.S. Our friends at Shweiki were very appreciative we recognized their hard work. What a special day for us,too. I challenge you to thinkof someone who makes your job easier,and take a moment to thank them. It will make you both feel great!

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