A Time for Thanks


These two months are my favorite months of the year. There are several reasons for that — the weather is cooler, the holidays are on their way, and that means family is on the way, too. As I get older, I find that my “rememberer” works less and less on day-to-day things (especially if I don’t write them down), but every once in a while it sends me special memories from long ago. As I’ve talked with our readers, I’ve found this to be almost universally true.

When I was young, I knew that when my mom took me shopping after Halloween we would see decorations and preparations for Thanksgiving. You didn’t see Christmas decorations and gift ideas out until AFTER Thanksgiving – for those younger readers, that’s how Black Friday came to be such a big deal!

In a lot of ways, I miss that. While I understand that some retailers make the bulk of their annual sales these last two months of the year, I miss that, as a nation, we seem to just “skip over” Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind starting Christmas early…let’s just remember why we have Thanksgiving. Our founding fathers thought it a good thing to stop and BE THANKFUL.

I am so thankful. Thankful for childhood memories of huge Thanksgiving celebrations with my Dad’s family that always included lots of gospel singing and rolls of Mammaw’s date loaf (which I’m sharing on our recipe page). Thankful that I knew all four of my grandparents, and even more thankful that I know where all of them are today. I’m thankful that God saw fit to have me raised by Lanier and Betty Stevens…if you know them, you know it doesn’t get any better. Thankful to have been the only girl in a house with three brothers – they had to share a bathroom. I am still discovering how truly wonderful those “boys” are. Thankful that I’m married to my best friend and that together we have two amazing teenagers. I’m thankful for in-laws. I have the best. And I’m thankful for anticipation. For the joy I feel at the thought of our entire family being together during the holidays. My sweet mother has probably already started baking banana nut cakes (that’s on the recipe page too)! But most of all, I’m thankful for a baby in a manger who came and endured life as a human, was crucified and resurrected – for me.

As I look through the pages of this magazine, I realize there’s even more for which to give thanks this year. Last Thanksgiving this magazine wasn’t even a serious thought but, because you have embraced it (and us), we stand in awe. To our readers, our writers, our designer and photographers, and especially our advertisers who make it all possible – thank you.

Please remember to stop and be thankful. Enjoy this holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank our advertisers for making Postcards possible and allow them to thank YOU for shopping with them!

Until next time, thankfully ~ Karen


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