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0 Project People

Every friend in our lives brings their own unique personality and story with them. Enter our friends Mitzi and Foy Mills. You may have read about Mitzi in a previous issue of our magazine. She and Foy…

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0 A Lifetime of Lessons

Our new year started off wonderfully. We had our children home and enjoyed some time together playing games and just relaxing. There’s nothing like special times with those you love. Then a week into the new year, things were no longer…

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0 Notifications…and my red dot resolution!

A new year always brings new things—often, it’s excitement over what the new year will hold; sometimes, it’s gratitude that the old year is behind us; and usually, there are resolutions! Personally, I’ve been all over the board where this one is concerned. I tend to be one of “those people” who believes…

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0 Leaving on a Jet Plane

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time in airports. When I was single, I worked for a company where being in airports all over the country several times each month was my normal routine. While I never enjoyed the “hurry up and wait” aspect of commercial air travel…

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0 Thankful for Silver

I love November, because I love Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, because I love family. I am truly thankful when family is together. Over the years, …

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0 Bad, Stupid, & Ugly Words

When our daughter was growing up, Wes and I found ourselves spending hours upon hours in gymnasiums watching her play volleyball. We grew to love the sport and, more than once, found ourselves wondering if we would continue to go to games after she went to college. Well,…

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