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0 The Power of Hope

I have been told by many that grandchildren are the best thing about getting older. I wouldn’t know. For those who think…

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0 Sweet Memories

I once read that the sense of smell is one of the strongest senses connecting to memory. I believe it. Walking through a large club store…

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0 Light Holiday Singing

Last December, I wrote in this column about the power of music—inspired by watching reactions to a man playing his guitar in an airport. As I wrote that column, I knew my Dad

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0 Pants Stretch the Truth

A few months ago, I went on a diet…another one. It was sparked by one of the things that always sparks those of us to whom dieting is a well-known companion. There’s a wedding at the end of the year and, when you’re the…

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0 Happy Fall

I have already decorated our house with all things fall…earlier than I ever have before. I think it’s an attempt to WILL cooler weather to arrive. I am hopeful that, by the time you receive this…

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