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Texas Talent
0 Texas Talent: Jerry Bennett

Jerry Bennett doesn’t spend a lot of time discussing his career in business. Thankfully, he does spend a lot of time talking about his art—or, more accurately, his diverse artistic endeavors. These endeavors include painting, music, and wood sculpture, the latter of which has been…

Texas Talent
0 Texas Talent: Jeff Abbott

With 19 published novels, a dozen short stories published in anthologies, and a major television project in the works, Jeff Abbott is one of Texas’ most prolific…

Texas Talent
1 Texas Talent: Pam Markham

DELIGHTFUL. MASTERFUL. CHARMING. These three words describe both the works and the artist, Pam Markham—wife, mother, REALTOR, painter and pastelist. Pam and her husband Jeff …

Texas Talent
0 Texas Talent: Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner is known for her best-selling novels. They have been published in 20 languages, making her known across the globe. That’s appropriate, because she’s something of a citizen of the world: she was born in Oklahoma, a member of the Chickasaw Nation; she grew up in…

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