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Just for Fun
0 Just for Fun: Lake Conroe Sailing Association

For the past 30 years, Seven Coves Marina on beautiful Lake Conroe has supplied the setting for this family-friendly pastime, an activity that brings memories, new friendships and fun times, as well as opportunities for new challenges and the learning of new skills. As Commodore Gene Russo shared…

Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: SHSU Jazz Festival

Jazz. It’s an American-born phenomenon that began on the streets of New Orleans, but didn’t stay there. With sounds as eclectic as the communities that have influenced it, jazz has traveled the world over and morphed over the years to encompass a…

Just for Fun
0 Just for Fun: Escape Rooms!

Four adventure scenarios, all multi-room experiences, are provided from which to choose. These include “Quarantine,” “Rameses Revenge,” “Escape the Titanic,” and “Studio Wonderland,” with the Titanic adventure being the most popular. Each adventure is …

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