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Day in the Life
0 A Day in the Life: Animal Shelter

Cleaning, laundering, preparing meals….”All in a day’s work,” the old adage goes. This applies not only to one’s home life, but to life inside the Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter as well. Day in and day out, tireless effort by staff and volunteers is expended to …

Day in the Life
1 A Day in the Life: Vineyard Harvest

Carriage House Farm and Vineyard invited Postcards to their 2018 harvest day on a balmy morning in August to witness the harvesting of nearly 500 grape vines. Carriage House is home to two different types of grapes that thrive in our Texas climate. The Blanc du Bois grape produces a white wine, and the Lenior (Black Spanish) produces a red. The farm is

Day in the Life
0 A Day in the Life: China House’s Cathy Ho

For 34 years, a little Chinese restaurant has sat nestled in a nook off Sam Houston Avenue, family-owned and operated since the very beginning. The doors of China House are open five days a week to Huntsville residents, passersby, and college students. On the outskirts of campus and within walking distance, the restaurant offers…

Day in the Life
0 A Day in the Life: County Clerk’s Office

About 20 years ago, a group of schoolchildren came to the Montgomery County Clerk’s Office on a field trip. To explain the office’s function to them, Montgomery County Clerk Mark Turnbull used an analogy, “Do you have a shoebox in your room for…

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