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Just for Fun
2 Just for Fun: Fernland Historical Park

As the story goes, Fernland Historical Park can trace its origins to one couple’s search for a storage building to put on their acreage near Montgomery. Then, the search became something more. Over the span of about 20 years…

Do You Know?
0 Do You Know? Rissie Owens

Although Rissie Owens “retired” in 2015 after almost three decades of work in the fields of criminal justice and education, she remains an active force. Her diverse professional roles took her across the state of Texas, while providing her with numerous opportunities to…

Get Away
0 Gotta Get Away? Destin-ation

If the often muddy waters of Galveston don’t light your fire, consider a trip to Destin, a panhandle city on Florida’s Emerald Coast—aptly named, because Destin is known for white sands and emerald waters. The unique sand comes from the Appalachian Mountains, and is…

Texas Talent
0 Texas Talent: Arthur Latin, II

Every few years, my husband knocks a home run with gift-giving. This past Christmas was one of those times. He took me to see Harry Connick, Jr. perform live in Las Vegas. Connick is one of my favorite performers and, because of his TV show and other involvements…

Just for Fun
0 Just for Fun: ‘Cue It Up!

Summertime is here, and that means outdoor food and fun! We asked for some of your best grilling and barbecuing tips and tricks, and we are pleased to share!

Special Conversation
1 A Special Conversation: Bill Brown

Bill Brown is best known for his baseball sports casting, first for the Cincinnati Reds and, later for the Houston Astros. Brown was known for his professionalism during his career, a reputation that stemmed from his deep knowledge of the game, skill at play-by-play announcing, and rich, pleasant voice. His reputation was…

Do You Know?
1 Do You Know? Kevin Edney

When Kevin Edney resurrected the tradition of an outdoor Easter sunrise service at Elkins Lake last year, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone. The soft-spoken financial advisor has spent much of his life blending ministry with his love for people – especially kids – and the outdoors. Here in the piney woods around Huntsville, he has found multiple avenues for…

Texas Talent
0 Texas Talent: Elizabeth Crook

Elizabeth Crook has lived in Washington, DC and even Australia, but she is “rooted in Texas,” having lived in San Marcos, Nacogdoches, and now Austin. She’s written five novels, all of which are set in Texas or the west, and she won the…

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