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Texas Talent
1 Texas Talent: Ed Wilson

Ed Wilson grew up in Louisiana, but his professional career as an artist has evolved largely in Houston, Texas, where he has worked for the past 30-plus years. He specializes in…

Do You Know?
0 Do You Know? Mike Kelly

If you ever have the opportunity to greet Mike Kelly and ask how he is doing, it is very likely that his answer will be, “I’m better than I deserve.” Originally from Hitchcock, Texas, in Galveston County, Mike, better known as…

Do You Know?
1 Do You Know? Jill Sharp Vaughan

Meet Jill Sharp Vaughan, the first woman inductee into the Texas Banking Hall of Fame. At the early age of eight, she and a best friend would work hard on Saturdays in Knight’s 5 & Dime in Madisonville, Texas stocking shelves and…

Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: Trekking to the Top of Texas

“This is in Texas!” That’s what I kept saying to myself as we made our way toward the summit. The fact that these gorgeous mountains—full of hiking and climbing opportunities—were in my home state only…

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