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Business Focus
1 Business Focus: Team Dodge

When Gabe Alanis needed a new truck for his company fleet earlier this year, he knew where to go—the same place he had gone for his four previous new truck purchases. Gabe, the owner of Unique Plumbing, a commercial plumbing company based in the Conroe/Willis area, has found it’s easy to do business with Team Dodge in Huntsville. He prefers to avoid “all that hustle-bustle and back and forth” that is often a part of the vehicle-purchasing experience at large dealerships in the greater Houston area. So, when it was time for a new truck, Gabe simply called Jason Dunn, sales manager of pre-owned vehicles at Team Dodge. “He has always come through for me,” Gabe says. “He is always fair.”

Business Focus
2 Business Focus: Global Financial Partners

That sounds like something we would all like to do, especially as it concerns our finances. Yet, in this topsy-turvy world in which market conditions often change, how do we achieve that peace of mind? And, if we are going to enlist the help of a financial advisor, how do we know whom to trust?

Special Feature
1 Texas Talent: Tyler McCollum

We have all felt the power of a song – the way a simple lyric can transport us to a very specific point in our lives and remind us exactly how we felt during that moment. Songwriters who can artistically take us on a journey have always resonated with Conroe native Tyler McCollum. Since he was a kid, he has been drawn to the art of storytelling and dedicated to honing his craft as a songwriter and musician. In his debut album Backbone, the 33-year-old singer/songwriter, who now resides in Austin, delivers honest recollections of the past and even takes us on a trip back in time to “some of the greatest days” of his life. Postcards Magazine had the privilege of visiting with McCollum before a recent show in Brenham. We talked about his life-long love for music and how the support of his entire family gave him the confidence to chase his dream.

0 Inspirations: Josh Spencer

Meet Josh Spencer, a native of Huntsville and son of Casey and Colleen Spencer. In 2011, Josh began
serving a three-year stint with the Peace Corps in Warrenton, South Africa. It proved to be three years
packed with struggles, surprises, problem-solving and the satisfaction of seeing lives changed.

Business Focus
1 Business Focus: Stage Right At the Historic Crighton Theatre

The result of this collaborative effort was STAGE RIGHT, a volunteer theater company that delights local residents with six productions each year, funneling more than $100,000 per year toward the Crighton’s upkeep. (RIGHT is an acronym for Respect, Inspire, Growth, Heal and Treasure.) the company has more than 700 season ticketholders, and last year it sold about 20,000 tickets to its performances, says Steve Wong, STAGE RIGHT’s business manager and treasurer. Plays and musicals have become so popular, a tenth performance will be added to all productions this season, and continued success will soon enable STAGE RIGHT to construct a rehearsal facility. is will enable the group to hold classes and rehearse even while the Crighton Theatre is rented to other organizations.

Special Feature
2 Texas Treasure: Texas State Aquarium

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT NEAR downtown Corpus Christi, right down the street from the U.S.S. Lexington aircraft carrier, is a large hidden treasure. The Texas State aquarium is a MASSIVE underwater kingdom. Under their care are numerous species of sharks, sh, and several other aquatic species, as well as some not so aquatic.

Community Builders
1 Community Builders: Montgomery County Food Bank

The Montgomery County Food Bank was established in 1985 when several concerned citizens realized the need to address the hunger crisis in our community and began distributing food to those in need from the trunk of a car. Now, over 30 years later, the Food Bank is headquartered out of a 60,000 square-foot warehouse and partners with approximately 70 distribution sites across the county. Over 25,000 people in the community are served by the Food Bank each month. MCFB strives hard to fulfill their vision of “a community where everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food.”

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