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Business Focus
1 Business Focus: A-1 Smith’s Septic

On an ordinary day in 1989, Nancy Smith’s late husband Doug Smith accidentally ran over a septic tank with his dump truck, breaking the lid. Dirt rained down into the tank, and Doug knew he needed to get it pumped out. Unfortunately, he soon discovered that…

Just for Fun
0 Just for Fun: Escape Rooms!

Four adventure scenarios, all multi-room experiences, are provided from which to choose. These include “Quarantine,” “Rameses Revenge,” “Escape the Titanic,” and “Studio Wonderland,” with the Titanic adventure being the most popular. Each adventure is …

Community Builders
0 Community “Re”Builders: Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish

Buster Bowers never imagined that Hurricane Harvey would cause his restaurant to flood. Buster is the son of Vernon and Mary Bowers—owners and founders of Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish—and he remembered the previous 33 years of the restaurant’s existence. Except for three weeks in 1997, when the restaurant closed for extensive remodeling, Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish had never…

Do You Know?
0 Do You Know? Jeanine Dooley

Meet Jeanine Dooley, a woman whose life, through tragedy, through tenacity, through triumph, and through the touch of God’s mighty grace, testifies to His power, provision and peace each and every day.

Texas Treasures
0 Texas Treasures: La King’s

Amongst the shops and old brick buildings that make up Old Galveston Square sits a special little place offering a sweet treat for everyone, young and old. Nestled in a wall of shops is a warm and wonderful little place that has been a constant to many people over many years. If you’ve got a sweet tooth (or ALL sweet teeth), you are…

Do You Know?
0 Do You Know? Jack Olsta

The Texas Gulf Coast was and is a major market for our industry, so Heil transferred me down here to open a tank trailer repair facility in 1974. I had been managing both the facility and the sales and marketing in the Southwest when I had…

Get Away
0 Gotta Get Away? Texas Hill Country

If you’ve ever been to the Texas Hill Country, you can visualize what makes this beautiful part of Texas so unique. When I think of my visits, all my senses recall this area in some way. I remember the smell of …

Business Focus
0 Business Focus: Unrelenting Grace

Unrelenting Grace Ministries launched in June 2017, but it started long before then. Teresa Schultz, founder of Unrelenting Grace Ministries, grew up in a Christian household in Texas, yet experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hand of family members from a young age. “Every family is dysfunctional, because we are human,” said Teresa, expressing compassion. “I love them, but we were broken.” …

Texas Treasures
1 Texas Treasures: SHSU Ring Ceremony

When Sam Houston joined the U.S. Army in 1813, his mother Elizabeth Houston understood her son’s decision. She called Sam to her side and handed him a musket saying, “Never disgrace it—for remember, I had rather all my sons should fill one honorable grave, than one of them should turn his back to save his life.” She told him to always remember…

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