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Mustard Seed Moments
0 Even in the Ditch

I had just dropped my daughter off at school and was turning out of the parking lot when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. There, in the drainage ditch…

Mustard Seed Moments
0 Just Wait

This weekend, Reid and I hosted our annual Super Bowl party. I woke up early on Sunday, and was picking up around the house when I realized the upstairs toilet was still broken. I had let Reid know…

Mustard Seed Moments
0 What’s Love Got to Do With It?

We have all seen it: the “big donor” moment at a charity event, when someone is introduced to the audience as a major contributor to the fundraising campaign. The donor and the presenter smile for the cameras as they…

Mustard Seed Moments
0 Be Still … And Know

It is hard for me to sit still sometimes. My to-do list seems endless, and just when I think I am close to the end of it, more gets added to it. As the holiday season approaches, …

Mustard Seed Moments
0 Back to School

Back to school. I remember it well from when I was a kid. Decorating notebooks and picking out backpacks, wishing the lazy days of summer wouldn’t have to end, and yet excited to see all my friends again. Now that I am a parent, “back to school” takes on a different meaning.

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