Author Ruth Fields

Business Focus
1 Business Focus: A-1 Smith’s Septic

On an ordinary day in 1989, Nancy Smith’s late husband Doug Smith accidentally ran over a septic tank with his dump truck, breaking the lid. Dirt rained down into the tank, and Doug knew he needed to get it pumped out. Unfortunately, he soon discovered that…

Community Builders
0 Community “Re”Builders: Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish

Buster Bowers never imagined that Hurricane Harvey would cause his restaurant to flood. Buster is the son of Vernon and Mary Bowers—owners and founders of Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish—and he remembered the previous 33 years of the restaurant’s existence. Except for three weeks in 1997, when the restaurant closed for extensive remodeling, Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish had never…

Business Focus
0 Business Focus: Drink Smart Plus

The customers come all day, arriving with empty jugs and leaving with refills of pure antioxidant alkaline water. In the few minutes it takes to refill the bottles, they chat, exchange smiles, and collect hugs. Drink Smart Plus is more than…

Day in the Life
0 A Day in the Life: County Clerk’s Office

About 20 years ago, a group of schoolchildren came to the Montgomery County Clerk’s Office on a field trip. To explain the office’s function to them, Montgomery County Clerk Mark Turnbull used an analogy, “Do you have a shoebox in your room for…

Do You Know?
1 Do You Know? Herbert W. “Kix” Lamp

Herbert “Kix” Lamp has spent all but a few of his 93 years in the Conroe area. The seventh of nine children, he was born in 1924 at “Lamp’s Camp”—a logging camp named after his father (the foreman) in what is now the Sam Houston National Forest. In 1943…

Business Focus
0 Business Focus: Burke Family Plumbing

Every day, Burke Family Plumbing responds to plumbing emergencies, many of them residential, and the plumbers are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with their customers. “What sets us apart,” Nathan says, “is that we try to educate our customers so they can…

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