Author Linda W. Perkins

Mustard Seed Moments
0 This Too Shall Pass

It seems like I’ve been saying a lot lately, “This too shall pass.” (…when my teenage daughter is dealing with a broken heart or middle school drama; as I scurry around…

Mustard Seed Moments
0 Believing the Truth of Who We Are

It was a rough day for my teenager. False rumors were flying around the school, and she hung her head in despair. “I don’t understand why they would say these things about me,” she cried, while simultaneously…

Just for Fun
1 Just for Fun: Kayaking Close to Home

It seems like kayaks are popping up everywhere: in magazine ads, TV commercials, fashion outlets and travel booking websites. Kayaks are no longer just associated with camping and sport utility vehicles, either. People have figured out that …

Do You Know?
0 Do You Know? Josephine James

If you’ve ever had your blood drawn at Huntsville Memorial Hospital, there is a good chance you’ve met Josephine James, otherwise known around town as “the singing phlebotomist.” Originally from New Waverly, she is a proud mother and grandmother, known for…

Mustard Seed Moments
0 What a True Masterpiece Looks Like

When I was a senior in high school, living in London, I had the opportunity to go to Paris. As someone interested in art, I couldn’t wait to go to the Louvre museum. After all, that was where the Mona Lisa was on display. I wondered what it would be like to see such a renowned masterpiece in person. The moment I saw it, I was…

Do You Know?
1 Do You Know? Kevin Edney

When Kevin Edney resurrected the tradition of an outdoor Easter sunrise service at Elkins Lake last year, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone. The soft-spoken financial advisor has spent much of his life blending ministry with his love for people – especially kids – and the outdoors. Here in the piney woods around Huntsville, he has found multiple avenues for…

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