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0 Light Holiday Singing

Last December, I wrote in this column about the power of music—inspired by watching reactions to a man playing his guitar in an airport. As I wrote that column, I knew my Dad

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0 Pants Stretch the Truth

A few months ago, I went on a diet…another one. It was sparked by one of the things that always sparks those of us to whom dieting is a well-known companion. There’s a wedding at the end of the year and, when you’re the…

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0 Happy Fall

I have already decorated our house with all things fall…earlier than I ever have before. I think it’s an attempt to WILL cooler weather to arrive. I am hopeful that, by the time you receive this…

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0 Supplies & Demands

I am a junkie. I admit it. This time of year, I find myself getting giddy as I walk through office supply stores or department stores and see school supplies! I am addicted. When I was a child, my favorite part of “back to school” was the day we went shopping for school supplies. Opening a brand new…

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0 Nothing Like that Summer G-R-I-N-D!

There’s nothing like summer to remind me how much I love water. As I began to think about this writing, I felt a little like the character Bubba from Forrest Gump when he began talking about shrimp. I love iced water, strawberry water (from Sonic), watering…

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0 It’s All About You…Both!

Each summer for the last few years, we here at Postcards Magazine have given away tickets for Schlitterbahn to our readers. We’ve had a lot of fun with this on our magazines’ Facebook pages, as we have gotten to…

Texas Talent
0 Texas Talent: Arthur Latin, II

Every few years, my husband knocks a home run with gift-giving. This past Christmas was one of those times. He took me to see Harry Connick, Jr. perform live in Las Vegas. Connick is one of my favorite performers and, because of his TV show and other involvements…

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0 My Washing Machine is Crazy Clean!

Last month, I shared how my son likes to cook. Well, so does my husband. I know. All you women are feeling so sorry for me right now! I’m lucky, and I know it. I like to cook, too…but I hate to HAVE to cook. During a particularly stressful time, my husband asked me…

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